Wasn”t Iran-Contra More recent Than “Days of Rage”?

In a follow-up of sorts to a post in which we cut the crap regarding William Ayers, the Associated Press is running a story this morning regarding a McCain connection to a group connected to Iran-Contra:

GOP presidential nominee John McCain has past connections to a private group that supplied aid to guerrillas seeking to overthrow the leftist government of Nicaragua in the Iran-Contra affair.

The U.S. Council for World Freedom was part of an international
organization linked to former Nazi collaborators and ultra-right-wing death squads in Central America. The group was dedicated to stamping out communism around the globe.

The council’s founder, retired Army Maj. Gen. John Singlaub, said
McCain became associated with the organization in the early 1980s as
McCain was launching his political career in Arizona. Singlaub said McCain was a supporter but not an active member in the group.

"McCain was a new guy on the block learning the ropes," Singlaub
told The Associated Press in an interview. "I think I met him in the
Washington area when he was just a new congressman. We had McCain on
the board to make him feel like he wasn’t left out. It looks good to
have names on a letterhead who are well-known and appreciated.

"I don’t recall talking to McCain at all on the work of the group," Singlaub said.

Okay, so what we have here is a McCain association with a group of people intent on killing others with whom they disagree politically, associating with "terrorists" (I think we can all agree that Nazis are terrorists), and who actively participated in illegal activity.

Oh, but it gets better.

Singlaub knew McCain’s father, a Navy admiral
who had sought Singlaub’s counsel when McCain, a Navy pilot, became a
prisoner of war and spent 5 1/2 years in North Vietnamese hands.

"John’s father asked me for advice about what he ought to do now
that his son had been shot down and captured," Singlaub recalled in one
of two recent interviews. "I said, ‘As long as you don’t give any
impression that you care more about him than you care about any of the
other prisoners, he won’t be treated any differently.’"

Covert arms shipments to the rebels called Contras, financed in part by secret arms sales to Iran, became known as the Iran-Contra affair. They proved to be the undoing of Singlaub’s council.

In 1987, the Internal Revenue Service withdrew the tax-exempt status of Singlaub’s group because of its activities on behalf of the Contras.

Elected to the House in 1982 and at a time when he was on the board
of Singlaub’s council, McCain was among Republicans on Capitol Hill
expressing support for the Contras, a CIA-organized guerrilla force in Central America. In 1984, Congress cut off CIA funds for the Contras.

So, McCain’s ties to this group were far closer than the 8-year-old Barack Obama’s ties to the Weather Underground. He was on the board of this group, who supported Nazis and Contras, a band of thugs who killed innocent people and raped nuns in Nicaragua, but who were anti-Communist, so we supported them.

Not only that, but this group worked directly with Oliver North to provide cover for a Reagan White House operation, which sold arms to Iran (illegal), and used the money to fund the Contras (also illegal).

And McCain had quite the association with them.

Now, can we perhaps get back to talking about issues which matter?

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