Wasting Time by Manufacturing Outrage

It is a unique talent that unicorn progressives and the professional left have; to manufacture outrage. They’re very prolific. And I must admit, such a thing does draw clicks. That’s because unicorn progressives don’t seem happy unless they’re phenomenally pissed off about something. In fact, a frequent throwaway line for the unicorn crowd is, “If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention.” The problem with that is, it doesn’t say who we should be pissed off at. If you direct it at the right wing, they love you for it. But don’t you dare direct it at them. When we do blame that small-but-loud strain of progressives, we suddenly are no longer progressive ourselves. Funny how that works.

See, here’s the problem. I am rarely pissed off because anger is a largely wasted emotion. It has to be directed at something very specific and needs a laser-like focus to be effective at all. Even then, it’s rarely effective. And to be honest, there is no purpose to Manufactured Outrage™ at all. Like I said, it might make for a lot of clicks by other delusional “outraged” unicorn progressives, but as a political tool, it’s largely worthless. Few voters cast a vote because they’re pissed off about something, but even more importantly, no one has ever switched their vote to the opposite side because they were pissed off. Angry white Right Wingers voted for Trump. Angry minorities and women voted for Hillary. The problem is, angry white “progressives” not only largely either didn’t vote or wasted their vote on someone who couldn’t win, but they also spent most of the election beating up on Hillary.

Just today, when it was suggested that some Hillary surrogates might want to approach some Republican Electors to appeal to them to vote for her, a couple of professional lefties actually said, “So you think it’s a GOOD idea for Clinton to appeal to Republicans?” These same idiots spent the entire primary angrily touting Hillary Clinton as “practically a Republican,” apparently still under this was still the GOP of the 1960s.

The easy answer is YES! It is a phenomenal idea for Hillary people to try to swing enough Republican electors to vote for Clinton. It’s the only acceptable way to prevent a Trump presidency. There are only Democratic and Republican electors available and if they just “don’t vote for Trump, they could throw the election to the House of Representatives. Given their lack of balls, they will probably install Trump anyway, but they could install Pence instead, which would not be an improvement. Or, they could install someone like Ryan or McConnell. Who the hell knows? All we do know is that there is no one on the Republican side who is worthy of laundering Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit. See, folks, if progressives are ever going to turn this country into a progressive nation, we have to understand that the only way to do that is by working with Democrats. We also have to stop with the Manufactured Outrage™, which has the opposite effect of getting people to like us.

The cognitive dissonance that permeates the unicorn progressive segment of the progressive movement. They are apparently just like right wingers, in that THEY are motivated by anger and outrage, so they think everyone is. As usual, they are wrong. Only those who occupy the far left and right ends of the political spectrum are motivated by outrage. Outrage actually de-motivates most people. It’s why Coke doesn’t advertise saying, “Don’t you think Pepsi tastes like shit?” They want you to LOVE Coke, not hate Pepsi. And that’s the unicorn progressive problem in a nutshell. They believed that, in order to love Bernie, you had to hate Hillary, which is absurd. It’s like saying, if you like vegetables, you have to hate meat. It makes no sense. And it’s a key reason Hillary and the Democrats lost.

Most voters just want government that works. They want to elect competent people. They don’t vote for many politicians because they’re in love with them and they don’t vote for one candidate because they hate the other. The problem is, a lot of the rhetoric coming from the professional left largely portrays Democrats and Republicans as largely the same. If a voter wants to vote for Democrats, but many on the left are joining those on the right as saying that the Democrat is “corrupt,” who do you expect they’ll vote for? Negative rhetoric works FOR the right wing and against everyone else.

It is also not helpful that many who constantly present Manufactured Outrage™ tend to be very condescending to anyone who doesn’t buy what they’re selling. Who are we to tell a total stranger what they should be pissed off about, anyway? When someone on our side tells others which political issues should matter most to them, it becomes hard for them to support us. Unicorn progressives have no special knowledge about the issues; certainly not more than the people who live the issues. Pasty white college-educated liberals do not have more knowledge about what a working class black woman should consider to be important issues than the working class black woman does. And for you to even insinuate that you know what another voter should care about most is insulting, and does the progressive movement more damage than you know.

The number one electoral strategy the Republican Party employs in every election cycle is to depress turnout because it’s the only possible way they can win. One way they do this is by “manufacturing outrage.” Here’s a hint; Republicans don’t really think Obama is a Kenyan Socialist Muslim Marxist and they know he was born in Hawaii. They also know that Trump is the worst presidential candidate ever. However, by manufacturing outrage about Obama and Hillary, they managed to depress turnout among reasonable people. When our side does little more than manufacture outrage and engage the right wing in their “manufactured outrage,” we are actually helping the Republican Party de-motivate a large number of voters, causing them to stay away from the polls. Want to know why Democrats are always having to play defense?

Again, look in the mirror, unicorn progressives. Stop manufacturing outrage; there’s already a glut. What we need – and what will motivate more voters to our side – is more hope.


Wasting Time by Manufacturing Outrage — 2 Comments

  1. I, too, get a good chuckle from their tireless efforts to rebrand their little bubble world as the beginning and the end of “the Left”

    Their Splitter tactics come straight out of Monty Python’s Life of Brian – which, obviously, is a deliberate mockery of methods that were laughably stale back in the sixties. These are the people who style themselves “The Base” of the Democratic Party – the Party they hate above all other hatreds – and demand that to lead into the 21st Century?

    In all seriousness, the time has come for people to stop feeling sorry for themselves. We lost the Big Election, that hurts, but this is no time to get upset and storm off in a huff. If anything we have less space now, than before the election, for temper tantrums and nonsensical vanity maneuvers. The Trumpsters oozed out on top on this one, but the only way they can beat us is if we beat ourselves and wind up handing them a lot more power and influence than they have actually managed to grab.

  2. I’m not sure if taking your time to try to convince them is worthwhile, like RWNJs they’re going to do what they do. We can focus on those in media maybe but we need to find a way around them I think.