We Already Have a “People’s Party”

We are in crisis right now, which means we, as progressives, should be in crisis mode. That means we have to do whatever works to get us out of this crisis. The biggest problem this country has, really, is an apathy problem. Too many people think voting is an option and the right wing, along with a certain strain of “progressives” actually reinforces that notion. That is the problem that left us with eight years of George W. Bush and it is the problem that has left us with a half-assed businessman and reality show host running the administrative branch of government and wanting to at least try to impose a “revolution” on us by blowing up the current government and starting over, led by the most narcissistic band of miscreants ever to run a developed nation.

So imagine my surprise when I cruised through the professional left media this morning and saw a group of college-educated “progressives” touting the virtues of Bernie Sanders and promising to initialize a third party. My response? WTF!!

At this point in time, if you think the solution to the crisis we are in is to have a small group of self-described “progressives” (who are anything BUT that, if we’re being honest) run off and start their own little club, you are not very smart. You’re certainly not as smart as you think you are and you’re not smart enough to even talk about politics, let alone lead a “movement.” In fact, if you think a third party is a solution, you’re a tone deaf idiot and a “liberal” version of a Trump supporter. Seriously.

Put it this way, geniuses. Even the Trump voters you deride as “brain-dead” were smart enough to attach themselves to the Republican Party because they knew that was the only way he (and, by extension, they) would ever win anything and get to run government. The fact that a relatively small group of “progressives” thinks they have the political muscle to start a viable new party actually makes them DUMBER than Trump voters. How’s it feel to be stupider than the worst teabagger?

Once again, there are TWO viable political parties in this country. One of those parties, the Republican Party, wants to starve the poor, throw the browner people in jail or a camp, deny civil rights to LGBT people, kill Social Security and Medicare, do away with what’s left of the social safety net, pretend the climate isn’t changing and also take away your right to see a doctor when you are sick. The other party, the Democratic Party, BUILT the social safety net, Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act and they have signed on to fight the effects of climate change. They embrace science and compassion, while the Republicans thumb their nose at both.

And PLEASE do not clutter the comments section, my inbox or my Twitter feed with nonsense about how “both parties” are only in it for the money because I am tired of proving that untrue. Only the GOP always caters to the obscenely rich and ONLY the GOP deregulates to the point of turning businesspeople into crooks.  Some Bernie worshippers act as if there is no difference between the only two political parties that matter at this time and will matter for the foreseeable future. And frankly, their vision of America right now is just as distorted as the Trump vision.

I mean, during the election last year, how did the Sanders and Trump visions differ, really? Both candidates made it sound as if President Obama had no effect on anything. Listening to either dystopic vision, you would have thought we were still in the depths of the Great Depression. Not the 2008 recession, which Obama and the Democrats were able to end in record time, but the Great Depression. Listening to either Bernie or Donny, we saw a vision of little girls in tattered dresses selling matches on street corners to be able to buy a bowl of gruel, not a country in the midst of a slow, steady and SUSTAINABLE recovery. Nearly seven straight YEARS of job growth doesn’t just happen, especially in a nation where the economy is transforming away from an industrial model and the number of jobs overall is shrinking.

The recovery Obama led us into is the first sustainable recovery we’ve seen in years. But when you listen to the unicorn progressives, especially the Bernie Stans, one would think the last eight years were a living hell. And that, combined with their incessant complaints about Hillary Clinton, made people believe that there was little difference between her and Trump. Worse, it made people think there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

And now, they want to start a third party? WTF?

The white privilege overflows from the unicorn left, folks. And yes, I  have been asserting that for years. In 2000 and 2004, Nader supporters were almost all white, college educated and fairly well off. And last year, most Bernie Stans and unicorn progressives are white and their political approach reeks of white privilege. At a time when the country is in crisis and almost everything bad has been caused by Republicans, not Democrats, thinking that we have the LUXURY of starting an outside movement at this point in time is tone deaf and is purely borne out of white privilege.

There is a strong resistance movement out there; one that is growing and becoming more powerful every day. People who have never cared about politics before are really getting involved and the groundswell promises to be strong enough to wipe out the Tea Party and Trump movements. For any so-called “progressive” to think they can use the resistance to push their version of “progress” onto people smacks of the same kind of narcissism inherent in the MAGA idiocy. In fact, if you listen to yourselves, you also think you’re the only people who can “make American great again.”

I wouldn’t care about a “People’s Party” if the people pushing it weren’t constantly negative and understood how politics works, but that’s not the case. If I had an inkling that the membership of such a party would work WITH Democrats to build a progressive future, I would champion such a party. But the idiots who make up the Bernie Stan faction (and for the record, I only mean about 10% of Sanders supporters) spent two years or more trashing Hillary Clinton. For some reason, these people are so immature that they believe the only way to support their candidate is to trash all others. It will not support Democrats, they will trash them. And they will continue to give Republicans more credit than they deserve by insinuating that “both parties are the same.”

We don’t need a “People’s Party.” We have one. It’s called the Democratic Party. If you really want to end this crisis, do so the way we did it before; make sure Republicans win as few elections as possible from now on.

Yes, it really is that simple.


We Already Have a “People’s Party” — 9 Comments

  1. Bernie followers were a target of Putin propaganda. I would say that means they still are. The investigations need to be widened to trace and publicize. We need sunlight on all propaganda: Putin, Koch brothers, …

  2. This is further down the line, but we should explore lifting the threshold for third party candidates to make the ballots. If you can’t say, get 15%, you don’t make the ballot. Period. Also eliminate write-ins, or invalidate ballots with write-in candidates. Of course before any of that can get done, we’ve got to get rid of the GOP (Government of Putin) and get Democrats back into power for a long, long, looooooooong time!

    • I respectfully disagree. Anyone who wants to run for any office should be able to do so. It’s not like the lefties who voted for Stein or Johnson were forced to do so under penalty of law. they had a choice and they made a stupid one. That’s what needs to be addressed…

  3. I’ve been reading your posts for several months and you definitely have your head screwed on straight. I can’t believe I’m 62 and have to worry about all this bullshit.

  4. There is a third party. It’s Putin’s party.
    I’m not sure how many are actually on the payroll and how many are just as Stalin used to say “Useful Idiots”.
    Anyone working for RT by definition takes a Russian paycheck. Snowden lives in a Russian dacha, Greenwald lives in a gated community far from Chechnya and Jill Stein and the Berner love dining with Putin.
    But a lot of folks are privileged enough to ignore that…

  5. Just want to add that the chances of these people successfully starting a meaningful third party are about as good as my chances of winning a $250 million super power ball mage lottery jackpot….

  6. Let them form a third party – and take the doom and gloom, white male (mostly) privilege, negativity and detachment from reality with them. Democrats do not need them – contrary to what they believe the are not the base. This Bernie faction, the Bernie Stans, are sucking energy and demoralizing many Democratic activists. Myself included. I live in Virginia and we have a gubernatorial race and it is imperative that Democrats keep the governor’s mansion and make inroads in the House of Delegates. Yet, what is happening – yup, a replay of the 2016 primary!!! FFS!

    • That would be great, except that they’re never quiet and they would still represent the professional left, which means they’d still be able to encourage voters to stay home.