We Have the Mueller Report, So It’s Time to Impeach Donny

For months now, Congressional Democrats have been saying they can’t possibly start the impeachment until they got the Mueller Report.

Well, we now have the Mueller Report, and contained therein is a request; a request from Robert Mueller for Congress to start the impeachment. As Mueller explained in the report, every American, including Donald Trump, the fake “president,” is entitled to a fair defense and the chance to clear his or her name. That is why Mueller wrote his report; it is clear that the report is a guide for Congress to use for impeachment.

Seriously, if you think the Mueller Report exonerates Trump and his campaign in any way, shape or form, you simply have not read it. The entire report is essentially an impeachment referral.

Mueller made an extra effort to demonstrate why he essentially refused to “make a traditional prosecutorial judgment” as to whether Trump had obstructed justice. He noted his acceptance of the Office of Legal Counsel opinion that a sitting president can’t be indicted and he worked from that framework.e practically dared Congress to use their impeachment power to get Trump out of there. Mueller noted the dilemma; in most cases, a prosecutor would decide whether to bring charges, but in his case, he couldn’t decide that, so he didn’t. Attorney General William Barr’s characterization of that as a total exoneration betrayed the fact that Barr had not read the Report when he wrote that.

Mueller lamented the fact that he couldn’t ultimately judge that Trump and/or his family had committed a crime absent a trial, which is clearly a dare to Congress to take his findings and put the crooked asshole on trial. If Mueller had declared Trump’s guilt through his investigation, he would essentially be denying Donny his constitutional rights, so it’s up to Congress to make sure he is given the trial he’s entitled to. That is impeachment.

In his report, Mueller noted that he was unable to conclude that he could not determine absolutely that Trump had obstructed justice, but as he had clearly noted, he wouldn’t have done so, anyway. What he actually said was: ” while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

Of course, Barr, who clearly thinks his job is to act as Trump’s defense attorney, has decided that he has better judgment than the Special Counsel and his team, and concluded that, “the evidence developed during the Special Counsel’s investigation is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offense.”

Essentially, while Mueller wrote that the evidence did not establish that Trump had not committed a crime, Barr determined that it was sufficient to prove he hadn’t. It is possible to read that as two conclusions based on the same evidence, but it could also be seen as two restatements of the same conclusion. Obviously, Congress is charged under the Constitution with breaking that tie. Mueller knows this, which is why he is practically daring Congress to impeach Trump’s sorry ass.

And don’t believe Barr’s statement: “The Special Counsel’s decision to describe the facts of his obstruction investigation without reaching any legal conclusions leaves it to the Attorney General to determine whether the conduct described in the report constitutes a crime,” Barr wrote.

That is simply untrue. The basic premise from which Mueller worked was that he couldn’t indict Trump, and no one else could, either. Therefore, the standard is impeachment, which is always up to Congress. Congress gets to decide if the president’s behavior rises to the level of impeachment and removal, not the Department of Justice and certainly not an Attorney General who was chosen specifically to be a ‘fixer” and cover up the President’s obvious corruption in plain sight.

Mueller even specifically rejected the argument made by Trump’s attorneys that the Giant Orange Toddler could not be guilty of obstruction based on the evidence Mueller’s team gathered. In a footnote, Mueller said, “The protection of the criminal justice system from corrupt acts by any person—including the President—accords with the fundamental principle of our government that ‘[n]o [person] in this country is so high that he is above the law.’”

Obviously, it is clear that Mueller thinks Trump can be held to account after he leaves office, but that while he is in office, Congress holds the oversight key with impeachment. They should start immediately. There is so much in the Mueller Report, of course, but Congress could just check the news cycle. It’s rare that a day goes by without Donald Trump committing at least one impeachable offense, and sometimes as many as a dozen or more.

I get why this is hard. It’s not just about Trump, but the entire Republican Party and the only way to get them out of there for a very long time and force them to reconstitute into a political party capable of competent governance is to make sure they lose in a landslide at every level.

There is also the problem of Senate Republicans refusing to vote to convict and remove. I get it; that’s a tall order. However, in the meantime, the public will see all of the evidence of Trump’s incompetence and it will make many of them less likely to vote for him in 2020, which will accomplish the reelection conundrum.

Mueller has put the question about what to do about the massive corruption squarely in the hands of Congress, and there are no longer any sufficient excuses for not impeaching the current White House occupant. We have to return standards to our government, and the only way to do that is to enforce them now. Even if Senate Republicans block us from getting rid of him, everyone has to know that certain behavior is unacceptable in OUR government.

Besides, look at how buggy he gets with just the Mueller investigation out there; imagine Trump facing a trial in which every bad thing he’s ever done is laid out there for public view. I can’t be the only one thinking he’ll decide to resign rather than face that, can I?

One more thing; if he can’t be indicted as president, then the faster we get him out of there, the faster he can be indicted…

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