We Have to Forget “Normal” for 2020

If you’re a political junkie and you haven’t figured out that “normal” is over by now, I feel sorry for you.

In the wake of the first Democratic “debates,” I’m seeing all sorts of comments like, “I can’t wait until (favorite candidate) tangles with Trump in the general election debates; s/he will wipe up the floor with him.”

Yeah, well…

Might I remind you that Hillary Clinton won all of her debates, hands down, according to virtually every political expert and, more importantly, every poll. And yet, here we are, stuck with a giant orange toddler sitting in the Oval Office and doing stupid shit daily.

I am not saying we can’t win. I think we will win, in fact. However, we can’t expect that traditional things will matter. The only thing that matters is that more people turn out to the polls to vote and that all “progressives” and regular liberals commit to vote for the Democrat, whoever wins the nomination. That means EVERY Democrat, no matter who it is. No more hissy fits because Bernie didn’t get 4 million votes. No are trashing the frontrunner because they are not “pure enough.” No more passing around 30-year-old right wing produced lies about the Democrat.

We have to throw normal out the window now. By next year’s election, we will have had four years of this cruel anti-American moron running the Executive Branch like he did his failure of a Trump Organization, and four years of acting like a cross between a colic-y baby and a pissed off middle schooler. He has pissed off every ally we ever had and he’s put the existence of our democracy in mortal danger.

What I’m trying t say is, everything we used to know and understand about politics is out the window, at least for this election. How a candidate sounds in a debate won’t matter at the presidential level, the policies and platform that a candidate or party espouses won’t make a difference, again, at the presidential level. That doesn’t mean these things don’t matter at all; it just doesn’t matter in the race for president.

We still have to deal with normal to a certain degree in other races, especially at the state and local level. However, since the Republican Party has shown itself to be completely amoral, we have to make it clear they can no longer run government at any and every level. Their entire ideology, such as it is, has to be banished from the government for a very long time.

What this means to progressives is, we have to put aside our quest for purity for a while, especially at the presidential level. There is nothing more important in this election than getting the giant orange menace out of the White House, but getting his enablers the hell out of the government is right behind that mission. And make no mistake; while some more moderate Republicans in private life are not anti-American values, the vast majority of the Republicans who occupy positions in government are not serving anyone but their corporate masters; they have neither a desire nor a compunction to serve the public at large.

They all have to go. My grandparents (I’m 61) banished them from government for causing the stock market crash nd they stayed out of office for most of the next 50 years. And those Republicans, while stupid as hell about economy, were not nearly as anti-American as the current GOP.

Forget “normal.” Everything has changed. Everything is about getting the rot out of government. That has to happen before we can move forward with the many progressive policies we all want. Nothing about what’s happening in our government is “normal.” Republicans are doing things that are absolutely abnormal. Putting the Senate in the hands of Democrats, increasing the size of the Democratic Caucus in the House, and putting a Democrat in the White House are all essential, but so is getting rid of Mitch McConnell and as many of the Republican state governors and legislatures as is humanly possible is almost as important as getting rid of the fat orange middle schooler.

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