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What is it about some progressives that they feel like it’s necessary to respond to everything that someone on the far right wing puts out there? The Right Wing Fart Machine™ puts out a lot of crap, and if we were to spend all of our time trying to counter it with Common Sense™, when are we supposed to be able to push our own agenda, and get our own views out into the public debate?

Case in point; there’s an article on Daily Kos, entitled “Obama to Disband the Marine Corps.” In it, someone who goes by the name “SemiDem” regales us with his tale of a conversation he was having with a “boxing promoter” who seemed reasonable and a Marine, in which the boxing promoter blurted out the sentence that makes up the headline of this article. Obviously, such a thing is not true, and the guy who said it is obviously a bit brain-dead. If I was in that conversation, I would have done the same thing “SemiDem” did; politely tell the guy he’s probably wrong, and leave it at that.

Key words here? LEAVE IT AT THAT.

Why do some progressives feel they can’t do that? More importantly, why would anyone spread that bit of nonsense further than just the conversation on an airplane ride?

What do I mean?


How many dozens of people are going to see that headline, not read any further and pass on that bit of information? Obama’s already a Kenyan Muslim Socialist anti-capitalist with a radical Christan pastor and no borth certificate; now, he’s going to disband the Marines? How many are going to hear something like that from those who read The Right Wing Fart Machine™ and believe all of it, go to check it out, and come across the headline from the (often trustworthy) Daily Kos and figure, “hey, it must be true”?

I’d also point out that, in addition to the headline, this “SemiDem” also claims he spent a lot of his time, um, “verifying” the information. Seriously. Read this:

Sure enough, I got back home and did some checking on the interwebs.  Although I couldn’t find anything about Obama disbanding the Corps, I did find a story that Obama was going todisband the National Guard and Reserves by fall of this year, a post that Hillary Clinton is, in fact, going to dismantle the Marine Corps, and various other hysteria/delusions in the mind of a brainwashed conservative.

I thought about the flight and wondered, how can such a seemingly intelligent, normal man suddenly suspend logic and spout such nonsense?

How can, on one hand, we discuss rationally our jobs, our cars, our families, and then BOOM, a switch goes off and FEMA camps, immigrant take-over, birth certificate time-travel,Sandy Hook being a hoax, and the ever present secret army of “jack-booted thugs” (you know, the bad kind who take your guns away, not the good kind who shoot unarmed brown people).

In answer to the question he asks in bold above, well, the same reason “a seemingly intelligent, normal man” might find it necessary to waste his time checking the veracity of a statement that is so obviously batshit. Given that Obama can’t play golf and his daughter can’t take a selfie without it becoming a major story, who would even have to check such a thing? You think disbanding the Marines (or disbanding the National Guard or banning donuts, for that matter) would “fly under the radar”? Really? Why would anyone even check out the veracity of such a thing? And who in their right mind would write up a 1000-word screed about it, with that headline?

Yes, I know, “SemiDem” probably got a few hundred extra hits for that headline. And now you know why I say what I do about the professional left; they are all about the clicks and the cash. They couldn’t care less about anyone else.

This is the kind of thing The Right Wing Fart Machine™ does, folks. They push bullshit to their idiot horde, and they depend on progressive media to propagate them. And boy, do they them with that effort! The “boxing promoter” may have been told that by a Republican operative, knowing that he had a big mouth and would repeat it. And now, Obama haters have a headline they can point at with pride. And they can say, “but it’s not Fox News! It’s Daily Kos!”

At some point, we have to figure out that we DO NOT have to respond to every stupid thing we hear from a right winger.

At what point do we propagate our own message and stop helping them pass on theirs?

How about now? Too soon?


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