We’re Not Electing a Homecoming King/Queen

Once again, if you’re a “political junkie” who depends on what you laughingly refer to as “the mainstream media” for all of your information about the election, you are literally screwing yourself. That is not an exaggeration at all. Oh, sure, you can find the information you need if you look hard for it, but If you are waiting for them to talk about what each candidate stands for and how qualified they are, you are going to be waiting a long time. What you need to understand is that our journalistic apparatus is in no way “objective.” They’re much like professional left blogs; they are looking for views and clicks above all. They are about making as much money as possible for shareholders and that means telling the most people what they want to hear.

That also means they want a horse race more than anything and will do anything to make the election seem closer than it actually is. All things being equal, Donald Trump shouldn’t have a chance in hell. The American people aren’t really as crazy as portrayed at times; Trump is so batshit crazy, he didn’t even come close to a majority of Republican votes. He got roughly the same percentage of GOP votes as Sanders got from Democrats; he just had the good fortune to be running against 16 other village idiots. A great many Trump primary voters were not even Republican; they were independent white supremacists who usually brag about not participating in a system they find to be illegitimate.

This shouldn’t surprise any of you “political junkies.” Like I said, the “mainstream media” did the same thing with the Democratic race. I know some of you will have a conniption when I say this, but Bernie Sanders came nowhere near the Democratic nomination. The race was largely over on March 1, when she didn’t just beat him, but slaughtered him in states containing lots of People of Color (you know, the base) and he was virtually mathematically eliminated by March 15. In a two-person race, he got 43% of the vote and most of the states he won were caucus states that she barely competed in. Yet, the media narrative was that she was “in trouble” whenever he put together a string of small-state caucus wins. Truth hurts, I know, but 57% of the vote is not “a close race.” In fact, if Clinton were to manage 57% of the popular vote on November 8, it’ll be a 400-plus electoral vote landslide.

Oh, sure, the “mainstream media” journalists claim to strive for objectivity, but to them, that means giving “all sides” an equal say, even if what someone has to say is, well, “unequal.” That is not objective. When any politician says something untrue, objectivity requires noting that what the candidate said was untrue. That’s true objectivity.

Of course, what’s really not “objective” about the press these days is their overreliance on polls. Polls are not news. There are too many of them, and they’re actually completely irrelevant. And we know this because, when the only actual polling happens in November, no one will harken back to the polls on August 3 and overturn the election results because of them. This is especially true of those ridiculous polls about “popularity” or the silly “favorability.” Sorry, journalists, but we’re not electing a prom king or a homecoming queen, we’re electing the President of the United States. It is completely irrelevant to repeatedly cite that “these two candidates” have the highest “disapprovals” or “unfavorables” in history. This should be obvious if you think about it.

First of all, most such polls are insipid in the extreme. In a presidential race, for example, each major party’s nominee is virtually guaranteed 40% of the vote. That means each candidate will have a built-in 40% of the population who hates them. Then, you may have other groups sprinkled in, as well. Bernie Stans will always hate Hillary, no matter what, because she beat him. Likewise, Ted Cruz fans will always hate Trump and Jeb Bush supporters will really hate him. Right wing radio audiences have been taught to hate anything Clinton for 30 years. Are Trump and Clinton’s negatives higher than usual? Sure. But imagine this; say you live in the heartland and you’ve been trained to hate Hillary for 30 years, but the prospect of Donald Trump being president scares the bejesus out of you? Can that voter not hate both, but secretly cast a vote for Hillary because they care about their country? Of course they can, and many will. I’d also point out that she received 57% of the vote in the largest party in the country; that would seem to indicate that the negatives are overrated.

This is not a popularity contest. This year, this presidential is a battle for the soul of this nation. The Republican Party has gone completely off the rails and nominated a nincompoop for president. It doesn’t matter how popular either one is. What matters is what’s right for the American people. Our fourth estate is failing us; keep correcting the record and stop falling for the media narrative because it’s usually wrong.

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