What Are We Waiting For? Let’s DO THIS!

What is it about modern liberals/progressives, that they feel it’s a form of activism to throw up their hands and proclaim “there’s nothing we can do!” For anything that Republicans refuse to do, or at least do right.

I mean it; stop waiting for “Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats” to do something and get on the horn and YOU do something.

Let’s start with the math, since that seems to be very difficult for white liberals.

To convict Donald Trump of either article of impeachment, or both, a two-thirds majority of Senators must vote that way. All 100 Senators will take an oath before the trial starts, promising to be completely impartial decide guilt based on the evidence, but two Republican Senators – Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham – have already declared their partiality and promised to make sure Donald Trump is not convicted and removed. Both of those Senators are up for election next November 3, and they are already vulnerable, so their position is based entirely on hubris; they think no one will hold their position against them. That should not be the case, however; voters in Kentucky and Such Carolina should be making it clear they will not vote for any Senator who allows corruption from the White House.

In all, 24 Republican Senators are up for election on November 3, 2020, and if all members of the Democratic Caucus vote to convict, we need about 20-21 Republicans to oust Donny’s fat orange ass. If we put tons of pressure on all 24 up this year and the other 13-14 who are up for election in 2022 that voters won’t take kindly to their support of the corrupt “president, getting that extra 20 may not be as hard as we think.

Consider, the GOP was hell-bent on repealing the ACA without a replacement, and we managed to scare enough Republicans to stop it. We can do this with the impeachment trial. We gained 40 seats in the House to take it over in 2018, and we can do this with the Senate if we do things right. Forget those who tell us we only need to flip 4 Senate seats to take that over. We need to shoot for at least a dozen. When we take over the Senate in 2021, it would be best if we had at least 60 seats, and this is a good way to do this. The Republican Party has been looking the other way as Trump pillages the Treasury and uses taxpayer funds as his own corporate honeypot and it needs to stop. That means we really need to tar and feather the entire party and let them know they are to be banished from the government for decades unless they make Trump accountable for the first time in his disgusting life.

It doesn’t really matter much if he’s removed, since he’s up fr election in November, anyway. However, he and all future presidents have to know that “we the people” run this government and we don’t sit still for thieves and crooks occupying the presidency. Trump is guilty, and he admits it, for Chrissakes; let’s make sure he and everyone else know it’s not okay.

If you have a Republican Senator in your state, even if it’s a red state, write, call and email them until they agree, on the record, to hold Trump accountable. WE hold the power in this government. WE should be putting the fear of losing their careers into them.

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