WTF has Trump Done So Far?

Back in November, we allowed the system to install a crazy person in the White House. As soon as he took the oath, it was clear that we had made a mistake. This was a man with no concept of what his job is and what it entails. He obviously thinks he’s the “CEO of the United States and that his proclamations have the same weight they had at the Trump Organization.

What we have right now is someone who very much seems to be mentally unstable. He keeps ordering things to be done that often can’t be done, and he’s demanding things without thinking of the consequences. Just as I kept track of things the previous (competent) president did while in office, I felt it only fair to keep track of what Lord Donny does. This will roughly be in reverse chronological order, so I can add things at the top. That also means that the stuff he did at the very beginning may take time to get here. Since this is in reverse (mostly) chronological order, new stuff will appear at the top, while the older stuff will be added at the end. Be patient. There is a lot to cover.

By the way, this is not a news piece, so I may include some pointed commentary. It is my opinion. The citations are all news pieces, however, so my opinions are backed by fact. That may seem a quaint concept to the Trumpies, but that’s how free speech works. Also, a reminder that I police my comments section. There are only two rules: 1) be civil and 2) tell the truth. Those may seem easy, but given the Trumpies’ love for alternative facts, maybe not so much. This will never be a Freeper board.

Now, here’s the list of things Donny has “accomplished” so far:


Less than a month into a dismal term that he probably won’t finish, Lord Donny holds what must be his first reelection rally for 2020.

After his disastrous first solo press conference, sent out a push poll to his most fervent followers, asking them if his throughts on “the media” were correct.

Sen. John McCain rips Lord Donny a new one on issues like immigration, NATO and foreign policy in general.

Following the first Donny press conference and the Tweets following, which referred to media outlets as “enemies of the state,” Loathesome Joe Scarborough, who has never explained Lori Klausutis, calls Donny a “fake president.” Ooohh. Burn.

Despite the fact that he wouldn’t be there without them, Tweets that “the media (are)… enemies of the state.”

After his disastrous press conference, Tweeted the praise of the only person who thought it was great, Rush Limbaugh.

An analysis of Lord Donny’s security costs shows that, while he and the rest of the GOP complained about Obama’s vacations and security, Donny will top those costs in a few months.

In the wake of reports that suggest intelligence officials may be keeping information away from him, Donny does what a 70-year-old toddler will always do; he yells at the CIA Director.

Approval rating sinks to 38%, a full 23 percentage points below the average for new presidents in their first February, usually a “honeymoon period.”

Gives an impromptu, unprepared and psychotic first press conference, in which he lied, cajoled and proved that he’s… Donny Trump. You have to see it to believe it. And read the transcript if you want to know what crazy looks like.

Congressman Ted Lieu recommends an investigation of the insecurity of Lord Donny and the entire Trump team, especially his insecure cellphone, which is easily hackable.

Offers up a Tweetstorm, bashing intelligence personnel for leaks, never mentioning that, if there was nothing to leak, there would be no leaks.

Word comes out that Trump campaign operatives had repeated contact with Russian operatives.

A day after Gen. Michael Flynn was fired, Russia has already engaged in some provocative actions, including a spy ship off the coast and a Russian warplane buzzing one of our destroyers.  They also deployed a new cruise missile, in violation of a 1987 treaty.

In a hearing, pushed forward the debunked study relating autism rates with vaccines.

Signed a bill that repeals a regulation that required oil companies to disclose payments to foreign governments.

Apparently, the White House is posting the “wrong versions” of orders on their official website.

Lord Donny’s popularity continues to drop, setting records for the worst approval ratings for any “new” president in history.

In another example of how the world feels about him, Germany elected a new president, who is strongly anti-Trump. The new president once called him a “hate preacher.”

Got into a Twitter war with Mark Cuban

Creepy Donny Senior Advisor Stephen Miller repeats Lord Donny’s claims about “voter fraud,” still offers no evidence.

Has advisors all over the media claiming he’s the most productive president in history, when the opposite is actually true.

His official inauguration poster had to be removed due “too” a glaring typo.

Just three weeks in and Trump protests have spread throughout Mexico

Jordan’s official airline has taken a swipe at Lord Donny’s Muslim Ban with a promotion: “Travel to the US while you’re still allowed to.”

Three weeks in and Lord Donny is already looking at a major staff shake-up.

After repeatedly complaining about Obama playing golf, Lord Donny now plays golf every weekend. Those weekends may be costing taxpayers more than $3 million each.

On Real Time with Bill Maher, Sen. Al Franken admits that some GOP Senators are concerned about Lord Donny’s mental health.

As of February 11, 2017, Trump has been sued 60 times since becoming president.

Awkward meeting between Donny and Japanese Prime Minister is embarrassing and the 19-second handshake, during which PM Abe had to instruct Trump as to protocol, goes viral.

Another flip-flop, when Donny tells China he’ll honor “One China Policy.”

Tells airline industry, “I inherited a mess.”

Lost his court case when the 9th Circuit ruled 3-0 to not reinstate the Trump Muslim Ban

Press Secretary Sean Spicer invokes a non-existent “Atlanta terrorist attack” at least three times, then says he was “clearly” referring to the Orlando mass shooting.

His own Supreme Court nominee has criticized his remarks critical of the judiciary for doing its job.

Has claimed that any criticism of his military actions is bad and “emboldens the enemy.

White House Advisor KellyAnne Conway goes onto Fox News to pitch Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, after Nordstrom dropped it and Donny pitched a Twitter fit about it.  Press Secretary Spicer also claimed that criticism of the clothing line was a “direct attack on the U.S. President.”

Tweeted criticism of Senator Blumenthal because the Democrat revealed what Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch said during their meeting.

A phone call with French President Francoise Hollande apparently went almost as wrong as his call with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Just 19 days in, Donny’s approval ratings are in Dubya second-term territory. His job approval is 42%, while his disapprovals are already at 54%. Given that he started that poll at 45-45 on Jan. 20, he’s not exactly burning things up, but burning them down.

Tweeted that Americans can’t possibly be safe without the travel ban, thus declaring that our right to pretend safety is more important than all other rights.

Donny the financial genius reportedly called Mike Flynn at 3 a.m. to ask him whether a strong dollar or a weak dollar was best for the economy.

The Pentagon is considering renting space in Trump Tower, which would multiply Donny’s already massive number of conflicts of interest.

Though Mexican President Peno Nieto’s approvals had been dropping at home, most Mexican people like his snub of the Donny Clan.

Before a sheriff’s group, claimed the national murder rate is at its highest rate in 47 years and that the press is covering it up, despite the fact that almost the opposite is true. 

Donny’s Facebook page shared a fake news story claiming that Kuwait was copying his Muslim Ban.

Has claimed that there have been numerous “secret” terrorist attacks that the media has been covering up all along. This stuff comes directly from Alex Jones and his “Info Wars” website, a FAKE NEWS Site.  The White House also issued a list of “terrorist attacks” that actually proved them wrong.

The Speaker of the UK Parliament suggested that Donny should not be allowed to speak in Parliament because of his bigoted tendencies.

Donny is so terrible, John Yoo, the Bush Administration lawyer who justified torture like waterboarding as okay, but did draw the line at rectal feeding, apparently thinks Trump being president is closer to rectal feeding than waterboarding.

Senate Republicans refuse to fund Lord Donny’s request for a “voter fraud” investigation because even they know better.

A federal court in Washington state effectively put an end to Lord Donny’s Muslim Ban, which he says isn’t a ban at all, except that it is. His legal argument is, “because I’m president and I said so, Nyah.

Lashed out at the “so-called judge” on Twitter, and suggested that any catastrophic event that occurs should be blamed on that judge.

Tweeted that all negative polls are “fake news.”

During a pre-Super Bowl interview, told Bill O’Reilly that he had been against the Iraq War from the beginning. That has been proven false repeatedly.

During the same interview, he suggested that California was “out of control” and suggested that was why they voted for him. Only, they didn’t. Clinton got 62% of the California vote.

Undeterred because Republicans refuse to fund his Quixotic quest to prove voter fraud cost him 3 million votes in the election, Donny appoints VP Mikey to head a panel to do just that. Presumably, that will be in addition to the Twitter troll he asked to look into the matter previously.

Nearly 100 of the largest tech companies in the world banded together to fight Donny’s Muslim travel ban.

Got VoteVets to produce an ad calling Lord Donny out by name, demanding that he become a “legitimate president” if he wants to be seen as one.

Met for the first time with his “Business Council.” (And for the record, there seems to be no “regular citizens council,” deplorables. Sorry.)

Within his first 14 days, Donny had accumulated more than 50 lawsuits, including 40 lawsuits in reference to his Muslim Ban and 9 related to civil rights.

Within the first two weeks, more than 60,000 visas have been canceled.

By the end of his first two weeks, more than 40 percent of people want to impeach him already.

Because Donny doesn’t understand his job, he essentially started a fight over banking reform that he can’t win, by promising to kill Dodd-Frank, which is the only thing preventing another Great Recession, or worse.

Courted war with Iran, by slapping sanctions on a missile test that was conducted within the parameters of the agreement they signed. Twice. (Note: what does “on notice” mean, in diplomatic parlance? Nothing, of course.)

Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway defended Donny’s immigration order by regaling us with the tale of the “Bowling Green Massacre,” which is a prime example of an “alternative fact.”

Because Donny doesn’t have a clue what his job is, he threatened to withhold funds from the University of California at Berkeley because they canceled a speech by Internet defamation specialist Milo Yiannopulos.

When asked by the press about the Yemeni raid that had been ordered by Lord Donny, in which a Navy SEAL, an 8-year-old American girl and as many as two dozen civilians were killed, Press Secretary Sean Spicer referred to the operation as “a successful operation by all standards.”

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Lord Donny actually prayed for his replacement on “The Apprentice,” Arnold Schwarzenegger, so that he could have better ratings.

A federal judge in Los Angeles prohibited the government from enforcing Donny’s immigration rules.

Donny may have threatened to send troops into Mexico to fight “bad hombres,” although Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had the diplomatic class to deny he said it.

Made a “secret” trip to Dover Air Force Base to witness the return of the remains of the heroic Navy SEAL who was killed in the Yemen raid that he ordered, despite common sense.

Recorded the lowest approval rating and highest disapproval rating in history during his first two weeks in office.

After referring to it as a “ban” numerous times themselves, the Donny Gang tries to ban the use of the word “ban” when talking about the travel ban, which is, by the way, a travel ban.

Not understanding how government actually works, Donny orders that, for every regulation that is approved, two others have to be repealed. (Note: For those who think this will reduce bureaucracy, consider: every rule that is made and every rule that is changed or repealed, must include a public comment period and it will be necessary for agencies to show that they have reviewed all comments and explain how they either incorporated the comments into the rule or rejected them and why. In other words, besides being meaningless, Donny has essentially created MORE bureaucracy.)

Donny nominated a Scalia clone, Neal Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court seat that rightfully belonged to Merrick Garland, but which was stolen by the Republican Party.

San Francisco becomes the first to sue Lord Donny over his order to withhold funds from sanctuary cities. (Remember when the deplorables used to demand “states’ rights”?)

In his first Nixonian move, about 10 days into his term, Donny fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, after she told the Department of Justice to not defend Donny’s obviously unconstitutional Muslim Ban. His basic legal defense for the firing was essentially, “Because I said so.”

Former President Obama and even several Republican Senators came out against Lord Donny’s Muslim Ban.

Donny contacted Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to offer his condolences over the massacre at a Quebec City mosque, but then his people remarked that the incident showed why we have to limit immigration here. There is a major problem, however. The victims were Muslim and they were killed by a Canadian citizen; a white, Trump-loving right wing radio listening Canadian citizen.

The first military casualty and civilian casualties, as Donny bungles a raid badly.

Lord Donny and Prince Vladimir had their first official conversation, although it may be their 2000th overall conversation by now.

Donny orders a “blueprint” for defeating ISIL, even though the US-led coalition has been defeating ISIL for a couple years now.

Donny ordered that no one working under his reign will be allowed to lobby for five years after he’s gone.

Essentially named noted racist and white supremacist Steve Bannon, the kind of fake news, to the National Security Council.

A federal judge in Brooklyn, where Donny and his father were once racist slumlords, blocked implementation of Donny’s Muslim Ban.

Iran’s leadership calls him “too inexperienced” for the world of politics.

Congressional Republicans break with Trump over his stupid idea for a border wall. 

Issues a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day that fails to mention the Jews.  The initial statement did mention the Jews, but the White House (Bannon, perhaps), struck the mention.