What have Democrats and Republicans Done? The Same, My Ass

This is totally separate from my series on the difference between current Democrats and current Republicans, but have you ever really compared the overall record of the two parties, over time? It’s pretty enlightening and shuts down those who claim the parties are the same. Put down the hallucinogenics.

A list of things Democrats have done:

  • They created Social Security. They have also improved it repeatedly, from its admittedly racist beginnings and made it universal. They have also twice taken the Social Security Trust Fund out of the general budget. (Guess who put it there…)
  • Created Medicare, a single payer plan for the elderly that has made the over-65 demographic the healthiest in the nation.
  • Created Medicaid, to provide the very poor with health care.
  • Created and passed the Affordable Care Act, which made insurance available to virtually everyone, which makes healthcare more affordable.
  • Created the EPA and passed significant environmental regulation.
  • Brought us out of the Great Depression and regulated stock markets and banned trade fraud so that we haven’t had a depression since.
  • Created bank and financial services regulation designed to prevent collapses
  • Created Bank Deposit insurance, paid for by banks, which provided banks with the ability to finance home buying.
  • Passed legislation requiring banks to pay back bailout money.
  • Passed the GI Bill
  • Created Student Financial Aid
  • Took student loans away from the banks and removed the private profit motive.
  • Created the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and Workplace safety regulations.
  • Created trade regulation to ensure that domestic and imported products are safe.
  • Established regular food inspections for foodborne illness and to monitor safe processing practices
  • Created the CDC and established disease monitoring.
  • Banned certain types of military-style weapons that are unnecessary in civilian hands.
  • Created a background check system for gun purchases
  • Established and regularly raise the minimum wage
  • Established unemployment Insurance and increase it to reflect inflation.
  • Established the Food Stamp/SNAP system.
  • Created cash welfare for the very poor.
  • Established school lunch programs for poor children.
  • Raised tax rates on the rich to pay for society, and created tax breaks to fuel economic growth.
  • Balanced the budget and even created a surplus.
  • Raised the debt ceiling whenever necessary to keep the government functioning, and always paid the bills, as the Constitution demands.

A list of things Republicans have done or tried to do:

  • Repeatedly try to kill Social Security and repeatedly push the Trust Fund into the general budget, to hide their deficit spending.
  • Cut taxes to the bone for those with the most money, while raising taxes for everyone else.
  • Repeatedly attempt to replace Medicare with a voucher program that won’t protect seniors.
  • Repeatedly cut Medicaid, so that most poor aren’t eligible, except under the ACA.
  • State Republicans refuse Medicaid money that their citizens have paid to expand health coverage.
  • Voted at least six dozen times to kill the Affordable Care Act, with no plan to replace it. Theyalso didn’t vote for it in the first place.
  • Repeatedly kill environmental regulations, in favor of unfettered fossil fuel development.
  • Put us behind the rest of the world by killing federally funded solar, wind and geothermal programs.
  • Passed Gramm-Leach-Bliley, which repealed Glass-Steagall and created a completely unregulated market for mortgage securities that almost caused another Great Depression.
  • Passed regulations that caused the Great Depression.
  • After the Bush Recession that they caused, they approved a bank bailout plan with no requirement for payback.
  • Repeatedly cut funds for student financial aid, creating an over-reliance on federally -guaranteed student loans, which amounted to a windfall for banks.
  • Repeatedly refused to cut interest rates on student loans, thus creating a profit for the government.
  • Repeatedly refuse to hike taxes on the rich, even when they face record-setting deficits.
  • Repeatedly cut funding for OSHA enforcement.
  • Repeatedly cut funding for the FTC, FDA, etc., making domestic and imported products less safe.
  • Repeatedly cut funding for food inspection programs, causing the number of foodborne illnesses to spike in recent years.
  • Cut funding for the CDC and disease monitoring, leading to several outbreaks and no vaccines to stop them.
  • Let the ban on military-style weapons expire.
  • Refused to consider a universal background check law for gun purchases, even though 92% of Americans were in favor, including most gun owners and NRA members.
  • Refuse to raise the minimum wage, which has fallen well behind inflation.
  • Cut off unemployment insurance (which workers pay for) for millions, during recovery from the Bush Recession, which they caused..
  • Cut funding for Food Stamps (SNAP) during an economic recovery.
  • Repeatedly cut funding for welfare for the poor, even during a recovery from a recession. Right now, fewer than 25% of those in poverty get any cash assistance at all.
  • Repeatedly cut funding for school lunch programs.
  • They were handed a balanced budget in 2001, and cut taxes to the bone for the rich and spent tons of money for two wars off-the-books, which exploded it again, even during a record economic bubble.
  • Shut down the government twice.
  • In 2013, 144 Republicans actually voted to default on the national debt.

If you can look at this and still even imply that both parties are the same, you’re crazy.

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