What Trump Voters Supported

It is just amazing to me that so many Trump voters seem to have no idea what they have done. Even those who meant well and only deluded themselves into believing they were just voting as a loyal Republican seem to have no clue what they have helped unleash. If that’s not bad enough, many of them keep on trashing President Obama and the Democrats, as if Republicans haven’t controlled Congress for six years.

Let’s put this in simple terms…

At the end of this week, we will be saying goodbye to the classiest, most down-to-earth president we have had in many years. President Obama and his family are the first First Family since the Camelot years of the early 1960s to make us proud of our choice in leadership. In eight years, there hasn’t been a single scandal and at no time has the President of the United States embarrassed us. Compared to his predecessor, it was like a breath of fresh air wafted through the government and we got a level of competence that was reminiscent of how most presidents used to be, at least since the Great Depression.

Now, on Friday at noon, we are handing the keys of the White House to a fake billionaire who not only hasn’t been vetted, but who has shown himself to be the most childish and petulant politician to ever occupy the corridors of power in this country. He has been accused of siding with the Russian dictator over the United States and he has often sided with Vladimir Putin over the actual patriots who put their lives on the line to get us the intelligence we need to keep our country safe. Donny cannot handle anyone saying anything negative about him and he can’t let anything bounce off him without responding. According to most accounts, he hates computers (“the cyber”), but he has discovered Twitter and cannot allow any slight against him to go without a response. He has embarrassed the United States repeatedly and he hasn’t even taken office yet. He’s a dumbass to the highest order and everyone who supported him, whether they voted for him, or they supported him by not voting for Hillary Clinton, is also a dumbass of the highest order. And yes, that means you, hardcore “Bernie or Busters” or belligerent Third Party voters. You’re just as responsible.

I think it’s time to remind everyone who voted for or supported Little Donny what they voted for. What this asshole stood for is what you supported or voted for. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether you think of yourself as a good person; if you voted for this asshole, you are just as responsible for what happens as anyone else.

  • Many of you complain mightily that politicians lie too much, yet you threw your support behind an openly obvious liar, someone who is openly contemptuous enough of his supporters that he assumes that they are too stupid to know that he’s lying to them. If you voted for him, you basically proved him right, by the way. Either that, or all of your claims of caring that politicians lie to you is, ironically, a lie.
  • You supported white supremacy. A key group of Donny’s supporters are white supremacists, including the Klan and groups like the Order. While you can claim that you yourself are not racist, it is not possible to claim you didn’t support racism. At no time during his campaign did he denounce their support; as long as they were willing to vote for him, he would not say anything negative. He even pretended to not know who David Duke was, even though he once denounced Duke in 2000, when he was considering a third party run then. Yes, that’s right; another lie.
  • A lot of the rhetoric that Donny himself used was very racist and, on numerous occasions, he or someone from his organization either said something overtly racist or roughed up someone at a rally or other event primarily because of the color of their skin.
  • You support the open hostility that Donny and his entire campaign demonstrated against people of Mexican descent. In his first speech as a candidate, he suggested that Latinos were rapists and thieves and he never backed down from that, except to claim that the president of Mexico was “really nice.”
  • You support the full integration of “fake news” into our already moribund media landscape. Donny welcomes the support of the entire “fake news” industry, to the point that one of his strongest supporters was Steve Bannon, who is not only an active white supremacist but also a major proponent of fake news, as editor of Breitbart.
  • You support the kind of offensive behavior that most of you would punish your children for. Donny openly mocked a New York Times reporter with a disability, to the point that he even made fun of the disability itself. Rather than apologize, which Donny never does, anyway, he has actually doubled down repeatedly and actually tried to blame this disgusting behavior on the disabled reporter himself.
  • You support someone who has the childish belief that the most forceful rhetoric possible is how you show strength. Donny thinks that the best way to protect the country is by threatening every other country that doesn’t do his bidding. He actually thinks he can force Mexico to pay for a wall they don’t want just through the sheer force of his will.
  • You support denying millions people access to doctors and healthcare and you support major increases in healthcare costs and major increases in your health insurance premiums.
  • You support more death. Whether it is the killing of the Affordable Care Act (and dumbasses, “Obamacare” is the same thing),  or increased terrorist attacks or more war or increased violent crime, you should know that Donny Trump’s policies will probably lead to a lot more death. Thus making your claims of being “pro-life” wholly ironic. You may save a few fetuses, but more children and adults will die.
  • You support the proliferation of nuclear weapons, even among countries that should not have them. A generation after the GOP’s patron St. Reagan stopped the ridiculous proliferation of nukes, Donny is standing that notion on its head. He firmly believes that shows of strength are the only things that work to deter others from attacking us.
  • You support incompetence at the highest levels of government. Donny is, without a doubt the least qualified politician that has ever been elected. Worse than that, he seems to have no intention of learning about how the job works. Worse, he works from a philosophy, that he himself has propagated, that looking competent means surrounding yourself with incompetents, and that is what will be running the executive branch of our government for as long as he’s in office.
  • You support the most corrupt person to ever hold a high office in our government. This is a man who has tried like hell to hide as much as possible, but from what little we do know, he will be compromised in virtually every aspect of the job. Everyone who lives in a Trump Building will be in danger from terrorists or anyone else who wants to try to get his attention. His entire fortune is based on leveraging debt, which means foreign powers will be able to use that debt to gain ever more influence over our government.
  • You support a president who is very obviously a Russian intelligence asset, at a time when Russia’s government has grown increasingly hostile to US interests and at a time when we need to foster a spirit of cooperation with the Russians in the Middle East. The Russian government is also among the most corrupt in the world and its people are among the worst off among industrialized nations.
  • You support a weakening of human rights protections in this country and around the world. Not only do People of Color, LGBTQ people and Muslims in this country have a lot to worry about, but Donny has been openly hostile to nearly every organization in the world that protects human rights. He has been openly hostile to NATO and the UN and, as noted, he Is far too cozy with authoritarian leaders, often praising them for their supposed “strength;” a strength that he has said he hopes to emulate.
  • You support someone with no concept of public service. Donny thinks he will be the “Boss of America” come Friday at noon. That has been obvious from the beginning. He has no concept that the presidency is the job of a public servant, who has to do the bidding of the people and not the other way around. Every idiot who supported Trump because he’s unlike any other politician, there is a reason why we elect and re-elect politicians to such a degree. The best politicians realize who they work for. Donny has never worked for anyone but himself and he has never taken direction from anyone. He is used to being “in charge” and he won’t be able to handle people denying him something he decides to do.

I don’t care if you think you are a “good person” and you “just wanted a change. I don’t care if you don’t like Hillary Clinton. I don’t care if you are sick of Clintons running government. If you did not vote for Clinton in this election, you supported Donny Trump for president and you supported everything he stands for. Perhaps you didn’t mean to, but you have to live with the results of your actions, not just the intentions. If you claim to be a “Christian” and you claim to be “pro-life,” you should know that a Donny Trump Administration will likely increase the likelihood of dying young and quite possibly of a violent crime.

I voted for Hillary Clinton. I can sleep at night. How about you?


What Trump Voters Supported — 4 Comments

  1. What was the DNC primarily guilty of?
    Piss poor marketing!

    The factual case is so strong that to have lost even with a non-charismatic Hillary can only reflect a great failure of marketing.
    Unfortunately it appears that Bernie served the same function as Ralph Nader a decade ago by siphoning off and weakening many of the votes which might have gone to anyone other than the orange buffoon.

    • No they didn’t.

      If you have access to exit polls, look at them. Clinton and Democrats only lost among left-leaning independents and the groups affected by Cross-Check. Hell, Jill Stein’s votes alone would have swung the elections in at least three swing states.

      My question is, WTF “marketing” was needed to make sure people left of David Duke were better off voting for Clinton than Trump? Why was the FAR LEFT, most of whom are NOT Democrats or the DNC, sounding very much like Trump’s most vocal coalition?

      The DNC doesn’t do campaigning? They only collect and distribute money. Also, BTW, genius, Democrats GAINED seats. So, um…

  2. Thank you!!! I’m not old enough to vote but I’m very glad to know that my family voted Hillary Clinton. Hillary has fought for women’s and LGBT rights, fought for children and families, helping them have healthcare, helped 9/11 victims get their healthcare, helping military families have healthcare, helped Obama stop the Hama missiles and nuclear Iran, and so much more, all in her 40 years of life of public service. What has Donny done over HIS years of life? Be a scammer of 3500 small business owners, providing them with only 50% of the money he promised. If you seriously thought that electing a BILLIONAIRE appointing other BILLIONAIRES would help stop the corrupt wall-street corporations from feeding off the poor and middle class, most nice thing I can say is “I hope you learn from your mistake.” The best job-creation that Trump can do is overseas jobs, not jobs IN AMERICA. You can’t have jobs “roaring back into the country” because you can’t possibly have a GDP growth that’s too high. History has always said that the republicans try to overheat the economy, creating a bubble, which soon pops and a recession occurs. Democrats, including Obama, have been cleaning up the messes with a STEADY gdp growth since 1933.

    Those that think that Hillary was some killer that hired hitmen to kill people are just a bunch of psychotic conspiracy theorists. The Benghazi situation was a radical terrorist organization attack, NOT Hillary. The US Ambassador killed in Benghazi was aware of the danger of going into Libya before even going there. http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/chris-stevenss-family-dont-blame-hillary-clinton-for-benghazi US ambassadors People who actually think this stupid stuff about Hillary are just too ignorant to actually read her emails. Millions of our tax dollars were spent into her investigation for YEARS and guess what republicans, THEY FOUND NOTHING! Pretty ironic you complain about the national debt yet you support this useless investigation? Yeah what a great way to spend our fukin TAX MONEY! You think she bribed or threatened Comey? Nope, you’re just some mental idiot. I would love it if any hillary-hater would provide legitimate evidence supporting that she was a killer, which they would most likely take from a conservative, non-factual propagandist site. Again, republicans just prove their hypocrisy more and more, and I can’t wait until 2018 where the republicans get kicked out of the house and senate after the damage that Trump has done. (Hopefully) God forbid, if tremendous damage actually happens to the country, which will most likely happen, Hell Trump would even lose NOMINATION and the democrats would have a MASSIVE landslide, whereas trump’s landslide was actually ranked 46 out of 58 elections, one of the worst.

    I will soon get called a triggered butthurt snowflake for pointing out the facts, but it doesn’t matter anyway, thank you Milton.

    • Thanks Nathan for this thoughtful and well researched post! I am hopeful that many young people are paying attention and taking notes. Thanks Milton for your blog.

      On the issue of Sec. Clinton and her marketing campaign, the way people consume information has changed. Word of mouth is shared via twitter and facebook with little to no facts needed. This phenomenon is relatively new. Sec. Clinton was unprepared for the impact of this change in information consumption. Her “facts” were no match for Trump’s charisma among his demographic.

      Additionally, Sec. Clinton overwhelmingly won her “target” audience—progressives.

      Milton–you highlight a number of things that you say Trump voters my have unwittingly supported by voting for him. I think that most of Trump’s voters willingly support the points you highlighted. I think we we will see that Trump supporters will stand by his policies because they support him. It is likely emotionally driven because they believe in Trump.

      There was a similar magnetic pull that some people experienced with Pres. Obama. I have family members that certainly believed he could do no wrong. If Pres. Obama said jump, many many Americans were asking how high.

      I imagine that there is something about Trump that makes his supporters feel the same.

      Our emotional attachment to public figures is hard to explain.

      It isn’t based in logic, but in fear or love for the intangible or hard to articulate.