What We Have to Do Now

Yes, I know. You’re disappointed and you’re scared to death about what could happen in the next couple of years. Believe me; even though I’m a straight white male and can’t relate directly, I do understand. I just got good health insurance coverage for the first time in years a couple years ago and I’m looking at losing it, possibly before I get to take care of something I’ve had to put off. Democrats are going to have to be bold as hell the next couple years on a few important things, which means they will need our support.

When I say “support,” I mean SUPPORT. That will require some progressives to learn the difference between holding Democrats’ feet to the fire and burning them at the stake, something that seems to be difficult for unicorn progressives to fathom. Remember that all bills going through the Senate will still take 60 votes, so we have some help there, but we have to have their backs. That means we can’t whine when 3-4 Democrats go off the reservation, unless their vote makes a difference in a bill passing. Killing the ACA will be difficult. Killing LGBT protections will also be difficult and take some time; it’s not like they can just place a case before the Supreme Court. Pray for RBG and pray hard.

The most important thing we can do is to make sure Democrats win yuge in 2018. ALL Democrats, not just the ones unicorn progressives like. There just are not 218 progressive districts in the country and there are not 30 states capable of electing a progressive senator. However, all liberals have to commit to actual progress, which means winning every election possible, especially between 2018 and 2022, when congressional districts will be redrawn. STOP warring with Democrats who aren’t perfect enough and declare war against the Republican Party.

You can’t wait for Democrats to do it. They need our help and we sure as shit need theirs. Unicorn progressives think they’re the Democratic base, but the fact of the matter is, they haven’t been for more than 40 years. White liberals who adopted the term “progressive” abandoned the Democratic Party in about 1968. Now, this may shock you, but the definition of a party’s base is a bloc of voters who can always be counted on to vote for that party. And, well, unicorn progressives can’t be counted on to vote for anyone in any election. They either don’t vote or they vote for some obscure third party numbnuts who makes them “feel good.” You people who put #neverHillary or #Bernieorbust on your social media feeds are most certainly not the Democratic base. If you supported Nader’s efforts to destroy Gore and Kerry, you should know that you are NOT among the Democrats’ favorite people. Likewise, if you constantly trash the DNC, DCCC or DSCC because you think they have the ability to favor one campaign over another, why would you rationally expect the Democratic Party to try to appeal to you or otherwise kiss your political ass? That’s not even remotely rational, so if you’re one of those who dangles their vote in front of Democrats and dares them to “earn it,” you need to learn a thing or two.

For example, everything bad about the politics right now is a Republican thing. And I mean everything. If you can look at a Democrat and a Republican and see any similarity right now, you might want to contact your healthcare professional to see if a lobotomy is right for you. Although you might want to do it quickly, since Republicans are hot to kill health insurance reform and wind us back to the old system, or anything that will favor insurance companies over you. You know, because the two parties are so alike and all.

It’s time that all progressives do two things; work against the GOP and work to support the living shit out of the Democratic Party. I know, you wish we didn’t have a “two-party system,” but for chrissakes, folks, you don’t seem to want to do anything about it. The Greens were working toward becoming a viable third party back in the 1990s, but that stopped in 2000, when they stupidly decided that attacking Gore was a great strategy. And apparently, it worked so well in 2000 that they repeated the tactic and attacked John Kerry in 2004 and made it so close that Bush was able to steal Ohio and seal the deal.

If you are a liberal, you have to support the Democratic Party right now. That means supporting them on everything, no matter what. I wish we were in the position to be able to demand shit and make them kowtow, but I’m afraid that ship sailed long ago. The next three elections are more crucial than ever because unicorn progressives hopelessly fucked up the last four. It’s time to support your local and national Democrats. You have no choice left. Sorry, but you did it to yourselves.


What We Have to Do Now — 2 Comments

  1. “It’s time to support your local and national Democrats. You have no choice left. Sorry, but you did it to yourselves.”


    Thanks, Milt. It’s going to be a long, hard and dark road, but travel it we must. Look not to 2020, but to 2018. Warren and Bernie and Franken will be in the Senate, and we have Harris and Duckworth joining them. It is not going to be easy–which is what the purists want–and we will be tested.

    If anything, it will be people of color and members of the LGBT community who will take the reins–sadly, many white “progressives”–i.e., the far Left–were part of the problem.

    Stout hearts. Like you, I’m worried about my healthcare, and am grateful for the ACA; it may not be repealed just yet. And I’m in a blue state, so things might be a little easier on me.