Repost: What’s So Awful About Hillary? A Challenge

I posted this on July 28, and so far, nothing. I’m posting it again because some are claiming Hillary’s just horrible. Again. Prove it or shut up…


This is going to be quick.

I know, I say that a lot and then come up with 2000 additional words, right? But really, it’s a busy day and it has to be basic. For two days now, I have been challenging people who seem to hate Hillary to come up with specific, documented reasons why Hillary Clinton is such a horrible candidate for president and so far, they’ve come up with nothing. Of course, that’s just people who have my email or my phone number, which isn’t enough people to make for a good sampling. So, let’s open things up a little.

I know her record better than most people and I can’t find anything. I mean, the woman has been investigated by people who absolutely hate her for more than a quarter century and they have found nothing. And I mean nothing. And most of the attempts to smear her by my fellow lefties are about as lame as it gets. She’s not a “tool of Wall Street” – she gets far more contributions from unions and trial lawyers than she gets from “Wall Street.” A “war monger”? Based on what? Wanting to get rid of Khadaffy? If that’s warmongering, then many of the people complaining about Hillary now were warmongers when they complained that Bush did nothing to get bin Laden and he was “too chummy” with Saudi Arabia. And as I recall, she was one of the first politicians to openly work toward the “two-state solution” in the Middle East.

And please stop with the speeches, the emails and the rest. The speeches are no big deal and, at worst, the email thing is a mistake, not a crime. Although, I’ve been thinking about it for a couple days now, when I realized that almost every agency with the U.S. Government has been hacked in the last few years, including the State Department, but not her private server. Maybe she’s onto something, who knows?

I could go on and on, but you get my drift. None of the complaints I hear about Hillary Clinton are valid. They are undocumented and they are essentially repeated smears perpetrated by the venerated “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” during the 1990s. I used to make fun of their accusation, as did many of the people I see repeating them these days.

I am issuing a challenge:

In the comments below, I want to see your evidence of things Hillary Clinton has done in her life that basically disqualify her for president. You need to tell us what she did and then provide proof along with it. And I mean proof. You claim to be smarter than the President of the United States, who trusts Hillary with the country, its security and his legacy, so prove it.

A warning: all comments are screened, so if you try to just be a dick or you make a claim and leave out proof, no one will see it. But I encourage everyone who is so negative toward Hillary to tell me why. As long as you’re civil and you have proof, you’ll have a hell of an audience. Go for it.