When Lord Donny Lies…

Saturday is Lord Donny’s 100th day on the job and apparently, no one on his staff or in his “brain trust” has bothered to teach him the most basic civics lesson there is. There are three branches of government and Congress basically makes the laws and spends the money. Just as importantly, they do so through majority rule; the party with the majority makes the rules. This is third grade civics, yet, the man occupying the White House right now, seems to think Democrats can shut down the government right now, because he Tweeted the following:

It is impossible for Democrats to shut down the government, of course. What he means by this is, if enough Democrats don’t vote the Republicans’ way on everything they want, the REPUBLICANS will shut down the government and make it so that parents can’t take their kids out of school to go to a National Park that Donny’s budget wants to shut down for good, anyway.

Donny has been in politics for about two years now, but he seems to know nothing about politics. Check out what he Tweeted this morning about the border:

Apparently, no one has bothered to tell him that our border security was significantly beefed up over the last eight years. President Obama, who actually won both of his elections, set records for deportations and his entire 8-year term in office featured net zero immigration from south of the border.

In other words, we Democrats want our borders secure for real. We don’t want to pretend the border is secure by putting up a wall and doing nothing else about immigration. The 12 million people who are here illegally need to come out of the shadows and be registered, but that won’t happen if their lives are threatened. We want to offer a path to citizenship for those who are here, we want better monitoring of those who come here and we want to acknowledge the contribution they make to our economy, which is significant. Oh, yeah; and we want to enforce the law against the companies who encourage them to come here and those who hire them and pay them under the table. REAL security, not the fake “security” of a “big, beautiful wall,” which won’t stop illegal immigration. Show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot high ladder. And lots of tunnels.

That wasn’t all he talked about this morning. Lord Donny was Tweeting early and often. For instance, check out what he said about health insurance. Obviously, his failure on that front still sticks in his craw.



First of all, the “miners” he speaks of already HAVE health insurance, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which REPUBLICANS are trying hard to repeal. That means it would be impossible for Democrats to “block” healthcare they already have. And the talking point about “bailing out” insurance companies sounds like something straight out of the professional left. Insurance companies don’t get “bailed out” through the ACA. They receive subsidies for the high-risk pools they now have to cover because to not provide those subsidies would keep premiums really high. It’s actually used to “bail out” those who pay the premiums, not the insurance companies.

Trump’s inability to discuss anything without haplessly using catchphrases is hilarious. I sure wish media pundits would stop telling me what a “master salesperson” he is because he really sucks at it. Where does “America First” belong on those Tweets above? We’re talking about American taxpayers, American premium payers and American health insurance companies, for Chrissakes.

Lord Donny is an ignorant tool, who thinks he can run the government like one of his many failed companies. He can’t and it shows.


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  1. In your next to last sentence you misspelled a word. The first letter of the word should be “f” not “t”.