When Unicorn Progs Lose Common Sense

Crap Cutting 101

Seriously, is this some sort of lefty psychosis?

I was sent the following video this morning, with a plea to electors to do their job and not allow Donald Trump to become president. Essentially, these highly intelligent progressive celebrities made a great plea to electors to explain their job and to do the job they are supposed to do under the Constitution. But there is something seriously wrong in this video. It is a statement that every single one of these liberals makes in the middle. Now, in all fairness, I have met more than half of these people, and they are smart as a whip, but they seriously shit the bed here:


“We are not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton…”


Yes! Yes we are! We HAVE to be.

First of all, what is this tendency some liberals have that they obsessively strive for a version of “fairness” that is ridiculous? More importantly, why are they treating Hillary Clinton as if she has cooties. Of the four national presidential candidates, she is the only one who is qualified to be president. She spent almost two years making her case to be president and she received nearly 3 million more votes than the alleged “winner,” Donald Trump. A case can be made that the “Crosscheck” software program disenfranchised millions more and there is no doubt that shenanigans were rife on Election Day, and they were all in favor of Trump.

So, yes, we ARE asking them to vote for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the candidates that most Americans whose vote counted chose. She is remarkably qualified to be president; her resume can’t be matched, not even by Bernie Sanders.

And here’s the thing; if the electors just vote for someone else and don’t vote for Clinton, the president will be chosen by the House of Representatives. And do you know who the Republican majority in the House will choose? They will choose Trump. They will choose Trump because they can distance themselves from him. They can claim “the will of the people.” They also know that they will alienate most of their “base” if they choose someone else, and we’re looking at a Republican Party that is in the deepest of shit right now and they know it. If progressives could ever get their shit together enough to target them, they would be gone already; they’re running on fumes and their base is dying off.

What the folks in this video don’t seem to understand is that winning a plurality of electoral votes will not give Hillary Clinton the presidency. It has to be a majority. If, say, 50 electors vote for someone other than Trump, unless they all vote for Hillary, all we’ve accomplished to force the Paul Ryan-led House to choose Trump instead of the Electoral College.

So, yes, we have to ask them to vote for Hillary Clinton. Otherwise, there’s no point.

It is mind boggling that they could be filled with such hate for Hillary. It is also mind boggling that they could have believed an Independent could win the Democratic nomination against a loyal Democrat. And it is mind boggling that they would think that Hillary was involved in any kind of vote rigging.

Just vote for Hillary. That’s better than Trump, Ryan, McConnell, or Pence. Please? But especially don’t vote for a man who has no time to hear the intelligence report but has time to hang with Kanye or tweet the last person that made fun of him.

I absolutely agree. We have to take a stand and be clear about what is best for this country. If the electors don’t see it that way, then so be it. This is not the time to walk away from what we know is right.

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