Where I Have Been, Where We’re Going

For those of you who have been wondering why I have been absent for much of this Trump-related pageant, there has been a lot going on. First of all, I was dissatisfied with how this blog was going. The world has changed and it has become extremely necessary to change with it. That means this blog will be returning to its original premise, which was to “cut the crap” on all of the bullshit that flies around the political world. Keep in mind, this blog was created at the heart of the Bush Administration, where the trade in ignorant bullshit should have peaked. In 2008, the progressive movement managed to become sane for a split second and the country’s politics became just a shade saner. We elected a progressive as president in Barack Obama (And yes, he was progressive. One of the key articles of bullshit that floated around for eight years was that he wasn’t really progressive, but he really was.) However, in two years, the bullshit slinging cost us a Democratic House in one of the most embarrassing elections in my memory. Well, the most embarrassing until 2014, that is. Of course, that culminated in the most embarrassing election of all time, in 2016. Seriously, why do so many on our side of the politics not learn? Why would anyone in their right mind think there was a choice in this last election. Hillary was enormously qualified and she has been vetted for 30 years. There was a choice to be made?

Contrary to the beliefs of a lot of “political junkies” out there from all sides of the aisle, this country is not on the verge of losing democracy. We are not an “oligarchy” and we are not in danger of succumbing to “fascism.” Let’s face it; too many of us spend all of our time staring at smartphone screeens to notice anything, anyway. Lord Donny is not going to lead us anywhere because he can’t. He is easily the worst politician in our history and it would take a master politician to destroy the democracy, install a fascist dictatorship and all of that. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep an eye on him, but we should have been keeping an eye on these people all along. And by “these people,” of course I mean the modern version of the Republican Party. Trump isn’t the problem, really. The problem is that the “other” political party” has been the most corrupt, least democratic political organization in our history.

This leads to the other reason I have been away for a while, believe it or not.

Back in about September, my brother and his family and my son went through some serious shit. Some of it was their fault, but a lot of it wasn’t. My son is a typical poor college student and he was essentially supporting the family along with my brother. Then, my brother, who works construction for a living and who is a wicked good carpenter, fell and broke his leg very badly. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen on the job, so he couldn’t claim workers’ compensation at all. The management company that came in to take over the house they were renting decided the rent they were paying was too low, so they used harassment to drive them out of the home. At the same time, my brother’s wife decided to leave him high and dry, just when he needed her, after he had essentially supported and raised her kids over the last 20 years, so my brother was forced to prevail upon the system to help him out. The leg was really bad and included serious nerve damage and they were able to put him into a great convalescent hospital for a few months, where they fed him and kept him going. However, when he was well enough to be able to walk (with assistance), they had to cut him loose. they found him a shelter, where he could go every evening to sleep, but they threw everyone out first thing every morning, regardless of the weather.

We got him some help, but the only help that was really available was $182 per month in SNAP assistance and $180 in cash assistance per month. He needed mental health assistance for depression, since his horrible wife had left him and he couldn’t work any longer, but he received little of that. In fact, all they did at first was to throw medications at him and the combination of chemicals caused him to fall once again, re-injuring his foot and leg and putting him back in the rehab facility. He needs dental work done, but there is no provision in the law for providing dental work for the poor. In fact, services for the poor are now largely non-existent. My brother worked his ass off building things for about 35 years and when he needed even a little help, there was none available. That is life in an America dominated by Republicans.

That’s what I have been doing. I have been working, along with my son and my niece and nephew, with social services agencies for months trying to get him what he needs. I finally decided I had to rearrange my life and bring him into it, to keep him safe and get him back on track. We had to fly him more than 2,000 miles across the country and I needed to secure an apartment and completely rearrange my life to make sure he was safe and secure. It was not easy. The solo life I have been living was being rebuilt as it was and I have been on rather precarious footing for a few years, by design. I now have to do a lot more work that I don’t want to do and I can’t do as much that I want to do. And it’s largely because the society we have allowed Republicans to build for almost 40 years places the burden of doing what’s right for society on individuals, rather than society.  My brother is now happy, he’s gaining weight and he’s healing. Hopefully, he’ll be back to working in a few months, no thanks to the government that we all pay taxes to, in order to provide us with the services we need when we need them.

And that is the point, folks. This is life in REPUBLICAN America. Not TRUMP’S America, but in Republican Land. That party has been screwing us for almost 40 years and we have been bending over backward to help them do it. I am in this position because, while many of you have been screaming and crying about the perils of fascism and trying to create fear of disaster in people that the Republican Party has been dismantling the safety net for a long time. When my brother got hurt, he should have been able to get the medical assistance he needed to fully recover and he should be able to make a life for himself during recovery. But that help is no longer available because the GOP has been taking it apart. Under Democrats, we were building a great country because they do at least listen to progressive points of view. For a long time, we were making sure that taxpayers who needed help got enough to at least maintain a basic subsistence level. We built a great workers’ compensation system that still functions when someone is injured on the job, but the other 16 or so hours a day, they have no support at all.

The Please… Cut the Crap blog will absolutely take on the right, just as it always has. In fact, you will find that we will cover the GOP and Trump like never before, revealing and exposing the terrible lies these people tell on a daily basis. We will pay special attention to the legislation that goes down the pike and we will be instructive as to how we can fight it intelligently. “Fighting does not mean screaming as loud as possible and making people think you’re sincere. President Obama fought for us every day of his presidency, no he rarely even raised his voice. Fighting means doing whatever will be effective in getting rid of the dreck. The bottom line on all of this is, there are very real ways to take back our democracy for the people and they are all easy as hell. It all begins with elections. The key to our entire system is in electing people to office. That doesn’t mean electing “perfect” candidates because there is no such thing. It means electing people who are at least willing to listen to reason and who don’t just reactively reject everything the “other side” proposes.

We’re back, and we’ll be cutting more crap than ever. My brother is doing better and once we get through this month, we will be successful in saving his life and making it better going forward. The shame is that, in the richest country in the world, there is no help available to anyone. And it is this way for one reason’ REPUBLICANS. if you’re spending all of your time whining about Demorcrats who don’t do everything you want them to, or you are propagating the idea that there are any similarities between them and the Democrats, you’re not progressive, you’re a moron. If you think the only possible solution to the healthcare financing situation is “single-payer” and you don’t understand that the objective is universal healthcare, you are really not as smart as you think.

Yeah, we’ll be cutting that crap, too. Be prepared.

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Where I Have Been, Where We’re Going — 6 Comments

  1. Full agreement here: the problem is not Trump the man but the Republican Party that is perfectly happy to have him in charge and has been moving relentlessly in this direction since 1964.

    Sorry to read about your family difficulties, I hope that events turn up for you all.

  2. It’s good to see you back. You’ve been missed.
    Hoping things improve for your brother and you. He’s lucky to have you.
    I’ve been there… ok, still am with a brother in full-time care.

    • Good for you for doing the lord’s work, as the saying goes. He doesn’t require a lot of care, unless nagging is caring… 🙂

  3. I’m inordinately glad you’re back at this writing, and distressed that you and your family have had to slog through so much crap just to be in marginally good shape. If there’s any way that I can be helpful with the PCTC project, please let me know. I’m a weaver, a good one; I’m also a pretty good writer, editor, and thinker. Be well.

    • I will always accept posts for the blog. If you want to write something to get an audience, go for it… That goes for anyone who’d Ike to post an article. The only conditions are that it must be civil, it has to be based on fact and you have to be willing to edit it. Not for content, just syntax and grammar. And thank you…