Where the Hell is Willard Romney? A GOP Cautionary Tale…

When Willard Romney cruised to victory in his bid to become a Senator from Utah, he took fleeting note of the excesses of the Trump Regime and he promised to keep his eye on Trump and respond to his corruption.

As is the case with most Republicans, though, it turns out “Mitt” lied to us.

The last time Willard criticized Trump at all was about 6 weeks ago, with these three Tweets:

He also issued a joint statement with Democrat Chris Murphy of Connecticut, which you can find here.

That was all during the first week in October, just after Trump announced a pull-out from Syria as a way of appeasing Russia and Assad and leaving our Kurdish allies high and dry. It was a welcome admonishment of Trump from the former Republican standard-bearer, but it was essentially the last thing we’ve heard from him.

Not a good sign from a Senator who takes great pains to set himself up as a “different kind” of Republican. Essentially, except for one extreme aspect of foreign policy, Romney is just like every other Republican. And right now, at this point in time, that is not a good thing to be.

There seems to be something about being a Republican these days that makes it impossible to have a soul. They are so beholden to the cranks who make up their base that they can’t even conceive of reaching out to the 77% of the electorate that doesn’t identify as a Republican. No matter how small their base gets, they will never stop trying to kowtow to them. That would be alright, but they don’t even try to appeal to anyone else. Even a blatant panderer like Willard Romney falls in line when the time comes.

It’s almost as if the current incarnation of the Republican Party is intent on being the last generation of Republicans since Donald Trump is leading them off a cliff to their demise. They support Trump at their peril. And it looks like Willard will go down with them, despite his promise to oppose Fat Orange when the time comes.

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