White Unicorn “Progressives” are NOT the Democratic Base.

Many “progressives” out there seem to believe merely being “liberal” or “progressive” automatically qualifies them to be part of the “Democratic base.” 

As usual, they would be wrong.

To qualify as part of the Democratic base, you must first demonstrate a virtually unwavering loyalty to Democrats, over and above simply being liberal and voting for Democrats on that rare occasion when you actually cast a vote, or when you don’t waste your vote on a “third party” or “independent” with no chance of winning. Being part of the party’s base requires a lot more than self-description. You have to be a vital cog in the Democrats’ machine and you have to do whatever you can to make sure they win a majority in every election. Democrats must be able to depend on your vote and your support in getting other people to vote for that party.

There is a benefit to being part of the Democratic base. By demonstrating loyalty over a long period of time, you can then exert influence over the party by threatening to withhold your vote. On the other hand, when you rarely offer it in the first place, you cannot threaten to withhold your vote if you rarely vote for them in the first place. That doesn’t work, no matter how much some unicorn progressives wish it. 

That is the major reason most unicorn progressives and Bernie Cultists fail so often. A bunch of white liberals have insinuated themselves into the Democratic Party’s working to demand changes, as if they were King Shit of turd Island. They received a couple concessions that are essentially meaningless, and they are all over the Internet bragging about it like they won the lottery. And in the process, they are so dense, they have no clue the insults they inevitably hurl at the very people who DO make up the Democratic base, such as Black people, Latinos, immigrants and (especially) women of color. 

Yes, I said it; you white liberal “progressives” who start ridiculous groups called “Our Revolution” to infiltrate the Democratic Party to make changes you think will benefit your “independent” candidate like Bernie Sanders are not only wrong-headed about that but you, by strutting around the Party as if you own it, are doing grave insult to the people who actually built the current Democratic Party, which really is the “Party of the People,” despite your incessant whining.  

Really, think about it a bit. In the post-Crash era until about 1968, progressives and the Democratic Party were inseparable, and almost everything we wanted to do got done. There was only one glitch really; most right-wingers at the time were Democrats. Then, about 1968, about the same time Blacks and other minorities started swarming INTO the Democratic Party because of the civil rights legislation we passed, WHITE liberal “progressives” started to abandon them. 

In other words, white liberals, as soon as the black people moved into the Democratic Party, the white Dixiecrats AND YOU moved out. It was much like the blockbusting and redlining eras in the post-civil rights era. If you’re not familiar with that period, following the passage of the equal housing laws, championed and passed by Democrats as the “Party of the People,” which forbade discrimination when it came to real estate, right white developers would buy up one home in a neighborhood and move a black family into it. The resultant white panic would cause the others in the neighborhood to sell their homes at far less than they were worth, for fear of being robbed, raped, and/or murdered in their sleep. It’s the origin of the phrase, “There goes the neighborhood.” 

The abandonment of white people from the Democratic Party was much like that. It was certainly the case for Dixiecrats, and I’m not saying white liberals left for the same reasons, but if you’re a member of a minority group and the white people leave the Party in droves, including the white liberals, as soon as you move into it and find a home, what would you expect them to think? 

Moreover, what would you think 40 years later, when black and brown people make up most of the Democratic Party base, and white liberals are basically looking past you on everything? Jesus, folks, during the 2016 nominating process, Hillary Clinton, who was the candidate chosen by the Democratic Party base, the virtually ALL WHITE Bernie Cult was essentially telling them they didn’t count. When Hillary nearly swept the Super Tuesday southern states, getting upwards of 80% of the vote in most of them, the Bernie Stans dismissed the wins as unimportant or irrelevant because none of those states were “going to win in the general election, anyway.” They dismissed the wins using the phrase, “Old Confederacy,” as if the vast majority of Democrats in those states were not Black these days. How do you imagine that felt to the base?

It’s also insulting as hell to the minorities in the Democratic base when white liberals say truly stupid shit like, “the Democratic corporatists” are as bad as Republicans, or when they refer to “establishment Democrats,” as if the same “establishment” that ran the party in the 1960s was the same group that runs it today. Of course, even if that was true, what was so bad about the Democratic Party in the 1960s, anyway? They brought the country to the greatest prosperity in history, with an economy in which one job was enough to pay the bills for the entire family, and in which labor unions thrived.  Yes, I know, they got us deeper into Vietnam, but splitting the vote enough to elect Richard Nixon sure as shit didn’t get us out. Besides; that was a half-century ago. Get a grip.

You know what else is really stupid? The rationale that white liberals use to proclaim the Democratic Party has “moved too far to the right.” There very concept is asinine. All the right-wingers and overt racists vote and support Republicans now. Since the Dixiecrats made up more than a quarter of the Democratic Party until about 1966 and the number of Democrats has actually increased over time, that would indicate the farthest right of the party at the time were replaced by someone. Now, I will admit the Democratic Party doesn’t lean as far left as it should, but that’s because white progressives largely abandoned the Party completely over the past 50+ years. Here’s a hint, unicorn progressives; if you want to move the Democratic Party to the left, then join it. Vote for it religiously and support it. 

If you want to know why we have the biggest anti-American imbecile sitting in the Oval Office right now, white “progressives,” look in the mirror. In the 2016 election, MOST white people voted for Trump. Even a majority of white women voted for that asshole. Fully 10 percent of Bernie Sanders primary voters voted for Trump. The electoral college was so close, at least five states could have gone to Hillary with a swing of two percent or less. In three states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the total margin was about 77,000 votes, which means recounts in those states very well could have changed the result. However, because the unicorn progressive segment of the electorate have been screwing with elections for so long, all three states are being run by Republicans, so there was no recount. 

One thing to remember, folks: all politics is local. Never forget that.

Unicorn progressives (especially Bernie Stans) also like to blame Democrats for the failure of the progressive movement to make significant strides over the last few… decades. In 2010, they blamed President Obama and “Blue Dogs” for everything, even though Democrats in Congress passed 375 bills that were blocked by Republicans in the Senate. It was unicorn progressives  and their insane “Blue Dog Purge” in 2010 that led to the rise of the Tea Party. They were so clueless and stupid, they continued the purge in 2014 thus giving Republicans their largest congressional majority since 1928. (Gee, what happened a year after 1928? Lemme think…)  The Democratic base had no problem with “Blue Dogs,” or conservative Democrats, but white liberals, as usual, like to believe they know more than anyone else.  And isn’t that the problem?

Dear white liberals; If you were a member of a minority group, especially Black people, and white liberals were always reminding you about how stupid you are, why would they embrace the white liberal agenda? For that matter, why should they not resent it when you infiltrate THEIR PARTY and demand changes to the superdelegate process and the caucus process, short of eliminating as many caucuses as is practical? 

Democratic base? Don’t make me laugh, white liberals. At some point, unicorn progressives have to figure out they’re not in charge of anything any longer, and People of Color are. And instead of working on your own to “revolutionize” the Democratic Party, work WITH the Democratic Party’s base to get things done. If you are waiting for the national Democratic Party to embrace your views on issues, you really should understand that you are part of the problem. Not only is jumping in and taking charge of the Party as if you’re part of the base flat stupid, politically speaking, but it’s also insulting to the actual base; the people we will have to depend on to lead us out of the abyss and into a new progressive era. 

Acknowledge your white privilege and accept the help minorities want to give us. We need it. Aren’t you sick of losing? 

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White Unicorn “Progressives” are NOT the Democratic Base. — 3 Comments

  1. One of the best things said and it’s what we need to keep telling people:

    Now, I will admit the Democratic Party doesn’t lean as far left as it should, but that’s because white progressives largely abandoned the Party completely over the past 50+ years. Here’s a hint, unicorn progressives; if you want to move the Democratic Party to the left, then join it. Vote for it religiously and support it.

    You’ve nailed it, Milt.

  2. I’d also add that these same “progressives” tell Hillary Clinton that she needs to “go away and take up knitting” while lauding and bragging about how John Kasich is “sane,” despite Kasich being just as right wing as Trump to where he campaigned for Trump’s guy in Ohio last month. These white “progressives” aren’t our allies and will gladly support a “sane” Republican over a liberal Democrat that doesn’t fulfill their silly litmus tests. They’re probably the 10% of Bernie voters who supported Trump in this piece, but I thought I’d just elaborate and expand on that point. Good piece BTW.