Who Really Whines in this Country?

I’m gonna get to Phill Gramm in a day or two, so stay tuned, but for now, I want to address this concept of Americans supposedly "whining" about the economy.

I grew up working class, and I’ve never really risen above the middle, although for the last 13 years, I have worked around people who occupy the upper class. Now. combining my personal experience with what I read in the media, and taking all of it with a grain of salt, I can honestly say that no one whines like the upper class right winger, and I mean no one.

I remember not long ago, I was having a discussion with someone who makes approximately 5-10 times as much as me, and combined with her husband’s income, the family income is probably in the half million per year range. But when I mentioned that I support Barack Obama for president, the reaction I got, word for word, was "I don’t like him, because he’s going to raise taxes."

Silly me, I decided to retort, and say, "But only on those people making $250,000 or more."

To which she shot back, "Um, HELLO!" and pointed to herself plaintively.

And that is just so typical of the Republican mindset. They have little concern for the poor; in fact, they generally have something bordering on contempt for the poor. They PUT the poor in that position in the first place, and then whine about how useless the poor are, and how great they are for happening to be rich, or at least well off.

Now, I’m not saying that liberals don’t whine. After reading the crap sent to me in the aftermath of Obama’s FISA vote last week, I can’t honestly say that liberals don’t whine. But at least, when a liberal whines about something, it’s something important. You know, like the Constitution, which the far right sees as little more than just so much toilet paper most of the time. I mean, yeah; a lot of the consternation and hand-wringing over Obama’s vote, and even the effect of the bill itself, were overblown, but it is important that we keep the government from spying on people. Seriously, look at the relative general positions of the ideological liberals and ideological wingnuts like Gramm, and tell me who’s REALLY whining here:

Liberals want the Iraq occupation ended now.
Wingnuts won’t include the Iraq war in the regular defense budget, and when someone holds up their "emergency appropriation," or tries to attach conditions to it, they squeal like stuck pigs and whine that everyone doing so is "unpatriotic" or "against the troops."

Liberals want all of our prisoners to have a fair trial before they’re imprisoned indefinitely.
Wingnuts whine and cry that to put these people in trial would put our nation in mortal danger, somehow, even though we’ve done so in the past, to no ill effect.

Liberals think we should secure our borders by prosecuting business owners who hire people not legall allowed to work here.
Wingnuts like to whine about their vision of hordes of people pouring over the border with Mexico, and somehow "taking" jobs away from honest, hard-working citizens, while at the same time rationalizing the actions of their businessmen supporters, who need the "cheap labor."

(That one’s actually one of my favorites, because it’s pretty much a "double whine." They whine about these poor business owners because, somehow, business owners are entitled to the cheapest labor available to them, while whining about all of those "poor brown people" who just stream over the border and cost us money, even though most illegal immigrants are not brown people from south of the border, and only a small percentage of them "sneak over the border. Most come here by plane and just stay.)

Liberals think the minimum wage should be the minimum amount necessary to afford the basics, such as a roof over your head and food.
Wingnuts have been whining for years that the minimum wage was an "unfair burden" on business. One of Phil Gramm’s favorite whine when he was in the Senate was that the minimum wage was too high.

Liberals think everyone should be taxed fairl, and that all taxes should be progressive, meaning that those who make the most money should pay the highest taxes, which is the case in every other country in the industrialized world.
Wingnuts never stop whining about taxes, even though we have the lowest rate of taxation in the industrialized world, even when state and local taxes are included.

Seriously, folks; rich, white wing Republicans whine more in a week than regular working people do in their lives. They work hard, try their best to pay their rent or their mortgage, to keep electricity running into their homes, to keep their car payment up to date, and to keep the cable bill paid. Meanwhile, right wing morons like Phil Gramm have made all of the above more difficult, because of their whiny concern over financial companies and crooks over the average American consumer.

The reason the mortgage market went bust recently, is because whiny right wingers like Gramm led the charge to "unburden" financial markets of regulations designed many years ago specifically to prevent such a meltdown.  He and his fellow right wing Republicans have been whining for years about "regulation," as if the mere existence of any sort of "regulation" was itself too burdensome for the average businessman to bear. Electrical prices have been climbing preccipitously since the Republcand started ordering all utilities "deregulated," precisely because everyone has one electrical line and one gas line coming into their home. You tell me why that sort of concept defies the "market forces" argument the wingnuts like to whine about. Gas prices? the reason we’re whining about gas prices now, and rightly so, is because when we saw this coming a long time ago, and wanted to tax gasoline enough to force people to conserve, right wingers whined about the people’s "right" to burn as much cheap gas as they wanted, without any sort of responsibility whatsoever.

The average American isn’t whining; he or she is complaining, and that is our right as Americans, because the government blongs to us. Right wingers whine, because they want things that aren’t good for the population as a whole, and because they want to implement policies and programs that go against the exact dictum expressed in the Constitution of the United States.

Article I, Section 8.

The Congress shall have
power to … regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribe…

We’re not whining; the right wing is.

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