Who’s Voting for Trump?

First of all, let’s get this out of the way…

Donald Trump does not want to be elected president. You can tell, if you look closely enough. Ever since it was apparent he was going to outlast the rest of the Republican Klown Kar and walk away with the Republican nomination, it has been obvious from his body language and his rhetoric that he has been trying to get kicked out of the race. It’s the reason for his constant swings from one position on the issues to another. He’s been trying to piss off the Republican establishment for almost six months and he has succeeded spectacularly; Reince Priebus always looks ready to vomit and something tells me he’s downing a couple bottles of Tums per day. Wouldn’t you, if the political party you were running was self-destructing on your watch?

It’s hard to see any way Donald Trump becomes president, which is good for us and apparently really good for him, too. That doesn’t mean we can be complacent; there should have been no way a stiff like George W. Bush could have been close enough to steal the 2000 election, either, but guess what happened? In 2016 and beyond, there is an unprecedented opportunity for progressives to make amazing strides by electing record numbers of Democrats if some of us can get over being butthurt over little things. After all, it’s the only way to give people like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders the power they need to actually do something for a change. But more than that, this is our greatest chance in years to establish a progressive message and take it completely mainstream. We can only do that by pushing out those people who really should be on the fringes of society.

You know, like Trump voters.

Who the hell is voting for Trump, anyway? That’s easy; they’re the types of people who used to occupy the fringes, until so many “progressives” decided to cede the politics to he whacko right and give up on practical politics altogether. It’s a funny thing; when you cede control of the politics, the people who used to be on the fringe suddenly find themselves closer to the mainstream.

The leading groups who love Trump are what I like to call the “Fuck You Caucus.” These are people who don’t care about any issues; their entire role in politics is to poke everyone else in the eye. I first noticed these people were into Trump during the Rally to Restore Sanity held by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert back in 2010. It was a fun day, but I noticed something as I cruised through the huge crowd; pockets of people who seemed to lack a sense of humor carrying hand-made signs saying “Trump for President.” They weren’t all together; I spotted a bunch of different groups, all up to a couple dozen people, but they all seemed to not understand that the title of the rally was largely satirical. Although, again, they wouldn’t have gotten the joke anyway. These were largely humorless people who were adamant about taking the country back, apparently from the black guy who had won the last election. These people were disheveled, extremely right wing and their signs and chants indicated that they were closely aligned with the Tea Party and were convinced that “gubmint” was the problem. It’s always a problem to a teabagger, they just can’t tell you what the problem is, exactly.

And that’s the key thing everyone needs to realize about the largest component of the Trumpian idiot horde. They don’t care about issues. They don’t care about what Trump says or does. They don’t care whether or not Trump builds a wall or keeps out all the “Moose-limbs.” They don’t care what he promises to do or to not do. They support him because he’s not a politician and he is the ultimate “fuck you” to the “establishment.” These people hate Democrats and liberals, of course, but they also really hate the Republican Party and what they think of as “conservative elites.” They hate educated people of any stripe and they think of anyone with an education greater than sixth grade as an “elite” who thinks they’re better. As you can imagine, they tend to be poor, uneducated and they tend to lack what the rest of us would refer to as common sense. They are white people who are angry, although, again, they probably couldn’t tell you what they’re angry about. They like to shout at people and put them down for no reason, just because it feels better than just holding it in.

In other words, if you don’t understand why anyone would vote for Donald Trump, don’t feel bad because there is actually no real reason for anyone to vote for Trump, except to “stick it to the man.” They’re irrational.

This is why white supremacists and white nationalists have glommed onto the Trump campaign and won’t let go. The main group following Trump are people who are “disaffected” (which is one of the most meaningless words in the English language), and groups like that prey on the “disaffected.” They don’t see Trump as a way to get themselves into government so much as they are using the Trump candidacy as a recruiting tool. David Duke doesn’t run for office because he thinks he can win; he runs for office because it makes recruitment easier. It provides him with a higher profile and he can identify the “disaffected” segments of the population and fleece them.

If you’re wondering why none of the rules that normally apply to elections don’t seem to apply this time, it’s because nothing about this election season is in any way normal. The Democrats nominated a great candidate whom everyone rational should be able to support, but because the Republicans screwed up with their nomination process, they have nominated the first non-politician in their history, who is largely being supported by anti-political freaks.

That’s what happens when you spend a half century purposely trying to recruit racists, bigots and generally hateful people into your party; you end up with a racist, bigoted and hateful candidate, supported by racist bigoted haters.

Go figure, right?


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