Why Are We Sitting By?

Every time I check my Twitter feed, I am inundated with “progressive activists” demanding that someone “do something about…” all sorts of things. At the same time, these same people look to blame everyone else for the pox on the government that is Donald Trump. They claim Hillary was a bad candidate, despite the evidence and that Bernie would have beaten Trump, sans evidence. While there is a lot of blame to go around regarding how we got Trump, these “progressive activists” seem to place all the blame on “centrists,” a word they use as a pejorative. Apparently, being in the political center is a failing of some kind, even though the vast majority of voters in this democracy and every other live in the political center.

Now, think about it. We live in a democracy, and the vast majority of votes occupy the center, so why would anyone dismiss the vast majority of voters on every issue? While I know many of these folks live to cite “principle,” we live in a democracy, so if you’re not looking to get the most people behind your cause, whatever it happens to be, you would seem to be wasting your time.

Consider impeachment, for example.

When it comes to impeachment, the professional left and the rest of the “progressive” media complex is demanding it happen. Oddly, however, these “activists” seem to be waiting around for someone else to do it. Instead of actual engaging in activism, the far left has taken to whining and blaming Democrats for not running out and impeaching the Giant Orange Toddler as soon as the Mueller Report was made public.

What the hell is going on these days?

Right after 9-11, the government decided it would use the terrorist attacks to start a couple of wars. In response, the entire left mobilized and held a series of marches and protests that brought an anti=war message to millions by taking to the streets and registering our objection. It didn’t stop the war, but it registered with the warmongers that millions of people were against it. And that went a long way to prevent the expansion of the wars beyond a modest “surge” in both.

There is so much shit going on right now. We have a “president” who really would love to be a dictator, if only he had the smarts to give it to himself. Our government has unilaterally pulled us out of one treaty/agreement after another, including a climate change agreement that was once considered impossible, an agreement in which Iran agreed to disband its nuclear program and to submit to inspectors, to make sure it didn’t start up again. He ripped up NAFTA and the TPP, which actually fixed most of the deficiencies in NAFTA, and replaced it with the USMCA, which is barely as good as the original NAFTA.

The current “administration” has kidnapped thousands of children from their parents without having a plan, or even offering an apology. Their draconian immigration policies are all about cruelty with no compassion. A probably illegal and definitely unwise tariff structure is screwing farmers and small business owners who rely on imports. Within months, that tariff scheme will probably result in inflation that is double what has become the norm. Add to that the fact that the “president” has been ripping up regulations indiscriminately, thus putting Americans in all walks of life at risk. He is also using the presidency as a honeypot for his privately-run businesses, and he has thumbed his nose at the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution for 2 1/2 years now, he is making policy based on what is good for his business and not what’s good for the country, and he has been pillaging the Treasury since Day One. At the same time Trump and the GOP are trying to cede a woman’s right to reproductive freedom under the insane guise of pro-life, they are also trying to turn the lives of immigrant children into hell as a “deterrent.”

So, this past week, Trump went to London and faced tens of thousands of protesters, signs detailing how bad Donny is for the world and for the United States, and for ethnic and racial minorities.

I just have one question…

Where the hell are WE in all of this?

If you want impeachment, then goddamn it, demand it. If the British can mass in the streets to protest this 72-year-old giant toddler, then it is a legitimate question as to why we can’t do pretty much the same? At least.

It’s a little bit funny, albeit not funny-ha-ha, but we only seem to be able to march and protest and make demands when money is involved. When the World Bank meets, it becomes a huge social event, with thousands of people descending on DC to protest them, even though most of the protesters I talked to had no idea what the World Bank was or what it did. When Cindy Sheehan was grieving for her son, who was killed in absolutely unjust wars, we massed in the tens of thousands to demand the government stop spending the $2-3 trillion they were spending on war. When the Bush Administration “lost” $12 billion in cash in Iraq, we were outraged enough to mass in the streets and demand they be held accountable.

Suddenly, however, we seem reticent to march. We get on social media and express our disgust with everything Trump stands for, but we sit around and wait for someone else to fix it.

If you have a sense that we already fixed things with the 2018 election, lose that thought. We STARTED to fix things, but at best, we have at least 3-5 more election cycles to go before we get to the point where we’ve actually started to fix anything. And even then, we’re probably looking at the 2050s before we’re back to where we were headed after the 1960s.

I’m not asking everyone to march in the streets, but goddammit, you have to put pressure on your congress critters to do the right thing and impeach that fat orange fuck, followed by the ousting of every Republican office holder at every level. Only then can we get to actually fixing things, so that the average American family isn’t $400 away from disaster, that everyone gets paid a living wage, that we all have the healthcare and the education we need, without having to go broke in the process.

Right now, we need to mass against Mitch McConnell. In 2018, 24 Democrats were up for reelection in the Senate, and we only lost 2. In 2020, 22 Republicans are up and only 12 Democrats. This means two things; it means 22 Republicans are feeling quite vulnerable right now, and we can intensify that, especially those of us who live in blue or purple states with GOP Senators. Let’s inundate them with cards, letters, phone calls, Tweets and everything else, to let them know we’re serious about getting rid of the asshole in the White House, whether we do it by the vote or through impeachment.

Let’s not allow Europe to have all the fun. It’s time we got active and started putting pressure on everyone.

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