Why Black People Don’t Like White Liberals

I’m hoping to make this short and sweet…

This is what #BLM is about.

Once again, I’m going to stand up for Bernie Sanders. He’s a good man and he might make a good president, IF we can get him 70 Democratic seats in the Senate and 300-320 in the House. With the current makeup of Congress, he’s not doing anything he says he wants to do; he needs a whole bunch of Democrats to get any of his wish list to happen.

Note: I said he needs DEMOCRATS.

Let me say that even louder:


Got that, Bernie supporters? No matter how much you love the guy, he’s not getting anything done without a strong Democratic majority. A HUGE Democratic majority. I mean, how is he going to eliminate “income inequality” on his own, without legislation? And we know Republicans won’t do anything to make him look good.

Do you understand what that means? It MEANS, geniuses, that every attack you make on Democrats or Democratic constituencies makes it less likely that Democrats will be elected en masse, which means, even if you get your dream and Sanders is elected, he’ll be able to do exactly jack. Got that?

Now, Bernie screwed up this weekend. #BlackLivesMatter protesters showed up at a Sanders rally and interrupted. Ironically, Sanders got a lot of press for his reaction, which was to walk away and give up and that is the last thing he needs right now. I mean, they didn’t throw him off the stage or assault him; they simply showed up and staged a protest; something that white liberals do whenever they get a bug up their asses. I know, because I’ve been to many.

Bernie 2What Sanders should have done is to embrace it. He’s running a populist campaign, for Chrissakes! Why would he NOT just stand there and let them speak, and even help them with their protest? Why not stand there and encourage the crowd to listen? I don’t think Sanders supporters understand what their candidate should be doing right now, which is to try to appeal to new groups of Democrats. Instead, he speaks to the same white liberals all the time, and makes the same people swoon. He was handed a major opportunity to appeal to Black people and, frankly, he blew it. Getting 10,000 at a rally is insignificant if 9,950 of them are the same people who have supported you all along, but if you can appeal to thousands of Democratic voters by being bold and standing with the most loyal constituency in the Democratic Party, why would you give that up?

I see some actual, real, paid-for polls, folks, and Sanders’ name recognition among Democrats is running in the 41-45% range, which is okay with six months to go, but he still needs to double that, somehow. A Sanders supporter gleefully crowed to me the other day that Clinton’s unfavorables are far higher than Bernie’s, but that’s because half of all Democrats don’t know who the hell he is. He needs to make a name for himself within the party, and that won’t happen if he avoids key constituencies, like Black people. I hate to break it to them, but Black people and Latinos are the Democratic base, NOT white liberals.

Let me say that again; white liberals are NOT the “Democratic base,” because they rarely vote for Democrats.

Now, Sanders’ mistake is excusable, and not at all fatal, but his supporters are making it worse; FAR worse. Check out these statements from white liberals on Facebook in reaction to the #BLM demonstration(obviously, I’m not identifying these people, although they should be embarrassed.):

Are you fucking kidding me BLM?!!?! Oh my god I’d be so pissed if I was there.

FUCK OFF BLM. I’m on your side, Bernie is on your side — duh — but you’re just a wedge now. Awful, fucking stupid ‘tactics’. You never surround police stations and you never propose solid solutions. I know of some obvious ones. FIRE ALL COPS, destroy and reform all police departments because they’re too rotten.

Bernie 1Yes, you read that right. A white liberal trying to win a Democratic primary for his favorite candidate is telling Black people – a major Democratic constituency, to “Fuck off.” Wait, sorry; that was “FUCK OFF.” A white liberal, who claims he’s “on their side.” Yeah, right. Here’s another one:

I don’t call these people Black Lives Matter because they don’t speak for the entire movement. They are like Tea Party protesters that go to an Orrin Hatch rally and accuse the Senator of being ultra-liberal.

So, here’s a white liberal claiming to speak for the “entire (BLM) movement” and comparing these Black people who are just trying to not get shot by police as often to teabaggers, who want to turn the US into the USSR.

I guess these protesters don’t have the balls to pull these stunts at Republican candidate speeches, which is where they should be protesting. Bernie needs to have armed security blocking off the stage(…)

To which someone replied helpfully,

Definitely needs more security not sure of the armed part as someone in a crowd could grab a gun unless you are talking about concealed such as the secret service carries.

Talk about tone-deaf. What are the #BlackLivesMatter protests about? What initiated them? Yet, here are white liberals talking about deploying armed security at a political rally for a liberal politician, against people who just want to speak on this issue, primarily because Sanders and his supporters DO NOT talk about it. Here’s another one:

These antics are hurting their cause. The crowd was there for Bernie who graciously gave them time. They should have extended the grace, but instead, behaved in a manner that will have their white allies tuning them out.

I really hate to break it to other white liberals, but Black people don’t like us very much. We claim to support them, but we really don’t, when push comes to shove. We got all into the idea of Barack Obama as president, but when it came time for him to actually govern, white liberals abandoned him in droves, largely over bullshit. Look at the “outrage™” over the choice of Rick Warren to give the invocation. It is still the silliest thing I’ve ever seen white liberals bitch about, although the hand-wringing over his choice of Tim Geithner was a close second, followed by the size of the stimulus… and so on.

If you want to know why Black people don’t like us, well, why would they? They finally got a Black man in the White House, and white liberals abandoned him before he even took office, because he didn’t wear a dashiki and give a “Black Power” salute, apparently. Many white liberals also claimed he promised things he most certainly did not. For example, if one more of them tells me he promised single-payer and guaranteed a “public option,” I’m going to scream. He didn’t. Ever.

White liberals, it’s not enough to claim to support Black people, you actually have to do it. And when I say “support,” I mean just that. Getting a good politician elected is not enough; you have to support them when they are trying to do something to make the country better for them. Attacking Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004 is not supporting Black people, it’s undermining them. And supporting the symbolism of electing Barack Obama, but not the essence of who he is, just makes us look like patronizing assholes.

The BLM movement is about SAVING LIVES, which is a hell of a lot more important than protecting meaningless buzzwords, like “Wall Street” and “income inequality,” and more urgent, even, than climate change. Get a clue.


  1. Thank you for this. I have never been so disgusted as I am with the reaction to #BLM. Bernie had a chance after Netroots to do something simple – meet with people who are desperately trying to stay alive, form policies – not just posturing and hot air – and say how they will make changes that matter. O’Malley did that. Even Clinton did that. Bernie just sulks. His supporters are the Tea Party screechers – one man reportedly demanded the women be tased. SERIOUSLY? This embedded white racism goes well back to the messianic ugliness of white supporters during the Civil Rights days. What a shock to them that Black people did not think white people needed to lead them from bondage and tell them how to live. Still don’t.

    The simplistic notions of white people about what Black people face is appalling. Surround a police station? What do they think was done in Ferguson? Some years ago when white prochoice people were heading to clinics in the South where the KKK had become the anti-abortion backbone, one young man derided a Black woman for NOT going, sneering at her. He demanded to know why she wasn’t headed down there. She just looked at him in disbelief – and I said, “Because she doesn’t want to come home in a baggie.” He had NO clue what could happen to her that would never happen to 6’2″ blonde him.

    That utter tone deaf ideology about who Black people are is falling very hard on Bernie’s movement. If he had an ounce of sense or decency, he’d INVITE them to a rally ON these issues. But wait- that would annoy his camp followers – they don’t care about people of color dying in the streets. They want perp walks for bankers – who, because too many would-be protesters of today were not paying any attention in the 90s and 2000 – made what they did perfectly legal. White liberals who secretly detest Black people are being unmasked, and it ain’t a whit prettier now than it was in the 60s. We white people not only don’t have all the answers, we barely understand the questions because we do not HAVE to. We walk in privilege. So the next time BLM shows up – and they will – the only thing Bernie and his followers should say is “What do you need? How can I help?” THEN DO IT.

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