Why #BlackLivesMatter Can’t be Diluted, White People

BLM1I can’t believe I have to say this again. I mean, I’ve already explained “white privilege,” primarily because too many white people (and yes, I include a lot of white liberals in this group, I’m sad to say) think they know everything and never take the time to actually listen to what black people have to say. They think that, because they have a college education and perhaps took a couple of sociology courses, they understand the “black experience.”

No you don’t. You can’t. I can’t, you can’t; no white person can understand it. Therefore, it’s really important to sit the hell down and shut the hell up and listen. Even if you can’t understand everything, you can at least learn to empathize. If you’re white and you don’t think you have white privilege, you are blind and you need to re-take that college course. No, forget that; open up your eyes and ears and observe, and listen to what black people tell you about it. If you’re on Facebook and/or Twitter, you either don’t have any black friends or you don’t read anything they say. Of course, you can also look at the hashtag, #blacklivesmatter and read what random black people say about it, and you might learn something.

The fact that you “mean well” simply accounts for jack shit, got it? You have to DO well, too. And doing well for our black brothers and sisters often means shutting the hell up and listening to black people when they try to speak to you. The #Blacklivesmatter campaign is very important for everyone, not just black people. However, you might have to clear your mind and listen for a change.

The point they’re trying to make with that hashtag is that, right now, black lives are simply not very important in our society. You can’t even argue that point; by any objective standard, black lives are not considered valuable. There is a whole ideology — and right now, it runs Congress — that dismisses everything about black people and turns it into a caricature. If you read the rhetoric that comes from many white liberals, they’re only a bit better than the right wing; they act as if black people are helpless without us, and they need our help in order to make it in society, which is pure bullshit. They don’t need us! We ALL need EACH OTHER. We’re a society and community, for Chrissakes; we are all participants in this society and we all leane on one another to make it through this life. 

BLM2#Blacklivesmatter does not mean that other lives don’t matter; #AllLivesMatter is the most insulting hashtag possible, especially since it implies that black people have dismissed all other lives in saying that. If someone says “ice cream matters,” it doesn’t mean pie doesn’t count; it’s just an attempt to assert a fact that often doesn’t seem to be in evidence. Frankly, “All lives matter” sounds like white people whining. I mean, in this society, we have always matter; our white ancestors made sure of it. 

Once more, #BlackLivesMatter isn’t an attempt to marginalize whiny white people; it’s an attempt to get everyone to stop marginalizing black people, especially police and other authorities, but everyone.

That’s all. Get a grip, fellow white people.

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