Why I’m Endorsing No One (For Now)

I know it’s hard to remember, but there are still more than two months before the first votes of the Democratic Primary are cast, and at least four months before the nomination will even begin to take shape.

And that is why no one has seen me endorse a nominee as yet. It is also true that I like ALL of the Democratic candidates, save one (sorry, Tulsi), and I think there are at least 4-5 who would be excellent choices, capable of a landslide against Trump.

However, there is another reason why I won’t choose one Democrat to endorse right now. I don’t want to encourage the type of Democrat-bashing that seems to occur whenever one candidate is shown to be a “frontrunner.” There were many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, but one key reason was certainly the so-called “progressive” Bernie Stans who spent two solid years trashing her, as if she was the second coming of Satan. They seemed t rotate rationales, in the mistaken belief that trashing Hillary would somehow help Bernie win. That has never happened in the history of primaries, but then, these folks aren’t the most politically astute, anyway. Here are the objections they proffered, all of which were/are bullshit:

  • Hillary wasn’t;’t “progressive enough”;
  • Hillary was a “warmonger”;
  • Hillary was dishonest;
  • Hillary would work against the progress the country had made over the past 50 years;
  • Hillary was beholden to “Wall Street”;

Like I said, all of it was pure bullshit. Let’s take them one at a time…

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders barely differed on the issues in 2016.

Hillary had never been in a position to be a “warmonger,” and there was zero evidence that she was “pro-war. Yes, she voted for the Iraq War, but so did a lot of “progressives.” And while she owned her vote and apologized for it, many other progressives just pretended they didn’t vote for the war.

No one in the history of politics has been investigated more than Hillary Clinton, and every single investigation has cleared her. Therefore, calling her “dishonest” has no basis in fact. If she was dishonest, she would have gotten in serious trouble by now. Why the hell do you think Bill Clinton was impeached for a blowjob? It’s because they had to clear the Clintons on everything else.

Where is the evidence that Hillary would have worked again “progress”? She wanted to strengthen the ACA, she wanted to reform the criminal justice system, and she wanted to re-up the assault weapons ban, among a million other things. Look at her official record; when has she ever worked against progressive causes? The answer is never.

And that last one is just stupid. How was she “beholden” t “Wall Street”? First off, there is no singular entity called “Wall Street.” Oh, there is a Wall Street, and several stock exchanges are located there, but almost no companies are located on Wall Street. That includes most banks.

That said, a look at Hillary Clintons campaign finance records show that most of her financial support came from the usual Democratic Party sources, including unions, trial lawyers and academics. She barely received support from banking interests, the fossil fuel industry and big Pharma, among others. Therefore, claiming that she was “beholden to Wall Street was a flat-out lie.

It’s happening again right now, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale, probably because Bernie’s support is much weaker in a dozen-candidate race including some of his closest allies in Congress than it was in a two-person race against a single opponent with 30 years of right-wing smears in her background.

Let’s not fall into this trap again…

A primary election is NOTHING like the general. In the General Election, you are choosing between one party that mostly agrees with you and another that wants nothing more than to destroy you. In the primaries, we are merely choosing a general to lead us int the General Election. Battle. There’re no enemies in a primary, and treating others from the same side as “enemies” is the attitude that explains why progressives never win. If yu don’t like Joe Biden, don’t vote for him. If you think Pete Buttigieg is “too white and too young, then vote for someone else. If you really like Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang, then by all means advocate FOR him, and then vote FOR him. You gain nothing by trashing other Democrats, especially in a field this rich, but if the person you trashed ends up nominated, you hand several points to Trump in an election we really cannot afford to lose (again).

Ur job as progressives/liberals should be to play up the worth of the Democratic Party overall, and when we work against Democrats, we perpetuate GOP rule, which I think we can all agree has been a disaster.

Stop it.

I will endorse whoever wins the Democratic nomination, even if it’s (gak) Tulsi Gabbard. I say that because I am pretty sure she won’t win. Nor will Bernie. Until then, I will allow the process to work.

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