Why Limbaugh’s “apology” isn’t enough

By now, news of Limbaugh's rare apology for his slanderous characterization of Sandra Fluke has made the rounds.

It's not enough.

NOT because apologizing isn't a good thing; far from it.  But Limbaugh's "apology" itself indicates he STILL hasn't bothered to watch Fluke's testimony, nor has he bothered to inform himself (and his listeners) as to what she actually said, or what the issue actually is.

So, the damage among Limbaugh's listeners remains.  Those who get their information from "el Rushbo" STILL believe Fluke wants the taxpayers to pay her for "all the sex" she's having.

Rush's "apology" states regret for his choice of words.  But the bottom line is, that's not remotely the issue.

UPDATE:  this is one reason why what Limbaugh said matters.


Why Limbaugh’s “apology” isn’t enough — 4 Comments

  1. This fat turd lied on Ms Fluke, and she’s fielding call from lawyers across the country who want to go after Rush for defamation.
    That “apology” was bullcrap

  2. Ms Fluke simply wants the same plan the employees at Georgetown gets, with contraception coverage.
    The students are mandated to have health insurance, but the student insurance has no contraception coverage, but the employee version at Georgetown does, she just wants that for students, and no, tax payers will not be paying for it.
    Just have the insurance companies cover what the students already are paying insurance for, and add contraception

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, the argument is not about contraception being covered under Medicaid but about contraception being covered by employer-based insurance. So, taxpayers aren’t paying for squat.