Why Limbaugh’s “apology” isn’t enough

By now, news of Limbaugh's rare apology for his slanderous characterization of Sandra Fluke has made the rounds.

It's not enough.

NOT because apologizing isn't a good thing; far from it.  But Limbaugh's "apology" itself indicates he STILL hasn't bothered to watch Fluke's testimony, nor has he bothered to inform himself (and his listeners) as to what she actually said, or what the issue actually is.

So, the damage among Limbaugh's listeners remains.  Those who get their information from "el Rushbo" STILL believe Fluke wants the taxpayers to pay her for "all the sex" she's having.

Rush's "apology" states regret for his choice of words.  But the bottom line is, that's not remotely the issue.

UPDATE:  this is one reason why what Limbaugh said matters.