Why Must We Be Forced to Listen to Right Wing Stupidity?

Would someone please explain just why right wingers seem to get so much press? What the hell do they have to say that is worth hearing these days"? We’ve heard it all a billion times; is it really necessary for the news media to give them an opportunity to make it two billion?

This isn't about real conservatives; I can handle someone who has a good head on his or her shoulders, and simply disagrees with me on policy. No. this is about  the tin-foil-hat-wearing, marry-their-own-sister redneck scumbags, who occupy the far right fringes of society. There are only about 15 million of these assholes; why should we give them equal time with people who are actually capable of thought? 

You know who this is about; this is about the people with the signs, who wave down the reporter because the "Libb'rull Meedeea" is trying to hide the supposed story of how millions of "illegal aliens" are having babies at the Ritz Carlton, while they dine on caviar they bought with Food Stamps, and drink  theDom Perignon they bought with their welfare check. The ones who will shout to anyone with a camera and/or a microphone that President Obama can't be president, because he's a Muslim socialist from Kenya who not only faked his birth certificate, but whose mother apparently knew , even back in 1961, that her  mixed-race child would become president, so she had them put a birth announcement in the local Honolulu paper as a cover. These are the people we laugh at when we confront them in real life; yet, the media takes them seriously.

Just as irritatingly persistent as the uneducated morons who don’t know anything, are the assholes in the media and politics who openly hate and despise the uneducated morons, but who readily exploit them for a boatload of money and power.

Come on, folks; does anyone really believe Rush Limbaugh is REALLY a right winger, deep in his heart? The guy goes on junkets to the Dominican Republic with a group of other men, armed with  duffels full of Viagra; he’s not a pious, God-fearing fundamentalist at all; he just takes after Pat Robertson and  exploits them for their money. I think Sean Hannity actually straddles the fence between these two groups. He 's tied with Glenn Beck as the stupidest person in the media – what else can you say about someone who sat there one day last week and tried to claim that two items were in the stimulus bill that were obviously not in the stimulus bill, even as he was being told by a Congressman who had actually READ the bill that those two items were not in the bill?

And do I even have to mention Ann Coulter? There is no possible way someone with the intellectual ability to get through law school could possibly be that insanely right wing, except as an act. Same with Michael Weiner-Savage (who is so obviously trying to find out what he can say that will get him fired), Michael Medved (who as a right wing pundit is a hell of a fiction reviewer) and of course, Dennis Miller (who always told his audiences he was a whore and is now on Fox News and the radio proving it.).

Then there’s the right wing “pundit class." (and I use the term “class” advisedly.)  There you have Newt Gingrich, who is now married to the woman he was getting blowjobs from as he cheated on his second wife, while he was leading the impeachment of Bill Clinton, for getting blowjobs while he was cheating on his only wife. Newtie actually started his career as a LIBERAL  Republican, back when there was such a thing, and only became a right winger to get elected. Dick Morris, whose previous claim to fame was sucking the toes of prostitutes, says all the correct right wing things, but he worked for Bill Clinton. Karl Rove, the only right wing television pundit currently who has committed treason? (Go ahead, Karl; sue me; I dare you. In order to hit me for slander, you'll have to prove it's not true. By the way, have you chosen your prison gang nickname yet? How about Pin Cushion?)

Then there are the politicians who pander to the right wing morons. Why do  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner seem to get more air time than Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, anyway? McCain loit the goddamn election, and I see him and that reprobate Lindsay Graham on air almost as much as President Obama.  I actually saw Phil Gramm on some program a couple of weeks ago, explaining how he would fix the economic mess, and he's the one who caused it, for Chrissakes. They all represent a failed ideology that, when implemented, resulted in a seriously deep recession, and a societal morality that mimics the goddamn Roman Empire, and we all know what happened to them. They have never met a war they didn't like, and yet they've never actually won one. And they have yet to come up with an idea that might serve as an alternative to the crap we're face with; all they manage to do is keep telling us that what we lived through the last eight years didn’t actually happen, and keep recommending the same things that got us into this mess will fix the problem this time.

The oddest thing about all of this is, most Republicans seem scared to death to oppose these assholes. McCain probably wouldn’t have won last year no matter what, but he screwed himself even more by picking Caribou Barbie as his running mate and adopting extreme right wing positions, even as the economy was imploding around him. The stimulus bill received ZERO Republican votes, because party leadership threatened them with a primary opponent should they vote for it. And why are so many Republicans, including the supposed head of their National Committee, kissing a right wing moron radio talk show host’s corpulent ass?

It used to be that people without ideas, or profoundly stupid ideas were laughed at and summarily dismissed as kooks. If they did so and spoke out against the country’s interests, they became Lyndon LaRouche. Now, so many kooks get equal time with people with actual ideas, it actually serves to make the kooks seem credible.

Why can’t we all agree that only intelligent people get to appear on a national news show? Let’s drive the fringes back to the fringe, where they belong. And let’s do so for one really simple reason:

The concept of a stupid right winger constitutes the ultimate in redundancy.

There, that felt good.

Once more, to clarify, I’m not referring to conservatives. We’re not hearing much from real conservatives, only these asswipes. I’m only talking about the brain-dead scumbags that occupy the far right of the Republican Party, and constitute their “base.” Seriously, in the history of language has there ever been a more apt description for people like this than “base”?

Look at the kind of crap they believe. Someone please explain to me why they would ever get anything close to equal time. They’re not worthy to light Barack Obama’s farts.

  • They believe “the mar
    ket” fixes itself, a phenomenon that has never occurred in economic history, for one basic reason; “the market” can’t create money or change the value of money; two necessities to correct an economic downturn.
  • Their solution to the current economic meltdown began with funneling hundreds of billions of dollars to banks, with no instructions for proper use of the money. Now that President Obama’s in charge, their solution has morphed into a “freeze” on government spending.
  • Their approach to limiting the number of abortions in the country is to give the government the power to force women to stay pregnant against their will. (one can only wonder what their view might be, should the government suddenly decide we’re over-populated. If they have the power to force a women to stay pregnant against her will, wouldn’t they also have the power to force her to… aw, never mind; I’m trying to make sense of a right wing talking point.)
  • They think (again, I use the term loosely) the current state of the health insurance system these days is perfectly fine, and that most people without insurance don’t want any. They assure us “the market” will magically fix whatever’s wrong, even though the problems have escalated for almost 30 years now.
  • Their approach to what is inarguably a consumer-based economy is to give rich people – the segment of the population that does the least “consuming” — more money, while  at the same time refusing minimum wage workers a significant raise, because such a thing is a “drain” on the consumer economy. 
  • They believe embryos are not just potential life, but actual humans, while homeless humans are just a waste.
  • They believe gay people getting married will have a negative impact on everyone else’s marriage.
  • They demonstrate a self-righteous zeal, and claim they’re better “christians” than anyone, at the same time they denigrate the poor, and advocate to deny the sick and infirmed the basic health care that is their right.

Those are just a few of the inanities these idiots believe. They call us socialists because we want to nationalize health insurance, but nationalizing banks is rational. They call us “tax and spend,” when they spend a hell of a lot more than anyone else; they just give themselves tax breaks

Seriously, I was thinking the other day, why aren’t there more smart right wingers. Then I laughed, because I realized; if they were smart, they wouldn’t be right wingers.

Media people; stop giving them a forum. Please. I beg of you. Leave the stupid people to reality TV.


Why Must We Be Forced to Listen to Right Wing Stupidity? — 6 Comments

  1. I’d like to talk to you about the possibility of starting a business venture of attacking these loonies on a daily radio show where we attack them just like Rush et.al
    We hit them hard by exclusively focusing on the fringe element itself. The format can be a call-in devoted exclusively to the far right fringe element.
    We define the argument and spank them hard for the know-nothing fools they are. Email me if you or anyone else has some balls and interest.
    PS- I have a background in law and wrote for a comedy tv show awhile back.

  2. Q: Why Must We Be Forced to Listen to Right Wing Stupidity?
    A: Because the right wing represents the interests of the rich, and the rich OWN all the mass media.
    It’s in the interests of the rich to keep the stupid people believing certain myths. These myths cause the stupid people to act in ways favorable to the rich.
    The rich also own think tanks that come up with effective ways of presenting these myths to the population. It’s a powerful combination.

  3. All this is obviously true and important.However,don’t for a second leave out Morning Joe and Uncle Pat. Joey smiles while he smears,lies, and overbears.(I know it hasn’t been a real word, Joe gives it definition). He gets 3 disgusting hours a day and then NBC invites him on their weekend shows ( and Pat gets to propagandize everywhere all day and night.)!! Today Joe had a side project of resurrecting Mad Money Cramer after Jon Stewart ripped him a new one last night.BUSH BROKE WORLD!!

  4. Remember no matter what Repubs say about the liberal media:
    The Republicans control the corporate press board rooms!!!!
    That is why they still get on tv with their crazy ideas.
    Very sad.

  5. To make matters worse, Rush Limbaugh is STILL being allowed to keep his broadcasting slot on Armed Forces Radio. It’s beyond ironic that President Obama would find it so necessary to pander to the right wing that he would allow the modern-day equivalent of Tokyo Rose to send seditious messages to our troops calling for their Commander-in-Chief’s failure. The Fairness Doctrine NEEDS to be reinstated, though I know this goes against the “bow and scrape” attitude of the mainstream Democratic Party.

  6. I’d like to see open-minded liberals boycotting shows that invite them on to talk opposite a loopy right-wingers. Shows like “Hardball” with Chris Matthews make a living out of elevating the moonbat Repugs by giving them more than equal time with people who actually make sense. Recently I’ve had a hard time watching the pile of steaming crap old Mathews serve up, he’s been down to the bottom of the barrel bringing on disgraced Repug has-beens like Tom Delay, Dick Armey, and the baffoon Trent Lott, to comment on the current administration. YES WE CAN overcome the corporate tyranny by boycotting those who sponsor the lunacy.