Why Trump Should Resign Now

It’s clear from the record that Lord Donny truly hates being “president.” It’s no wonder, really. No one likes doing a job they genuinely suck at. When I was about 18, I took a job on a garbage truck. I hated it and I sucked at it, so I quit within a week. Actually, I’m not sure it was even a full week. Same thing when I was 20 and started work at a phone sales company who gave me a script that would have required me to say things I knew to be fraudulent and illegal. I snuck out for lunch and never came back.

I thought about that today, when the alleged “president” Tweeted the following this morning:

Put simply, Donny admitted that people from his campaign did meet with Russians in an attempt to get dirt on his opponent Hillary Clinton in 2016. He claims it wasn’t illegal and that “everyone does it,” but everyone does not do it because it’s illegal to do that. It would be illegal if a campaign met with Canadians or Israelis to get help with the campaign. For a campaign to work closely with a hostile Russia – a country that has been actively interfering with democracies all over the world – is not just illegal, but unconscionable.

Therefore, the “president” of the United States admitted to committing a crime. And even though he claims he did not know about the meeting in his Tweet, no one in their right mind could possibly believe this. This is a man who is a malignant narcissist and a control freak. There is no possible way to believe anything happened in his campaign without his direct knowledge and control. Yeah, right.

It’s no wonder Donald Trump seems so stressed out and buggy these days. He has to be miserable, since he committed numerous crimes during his campaign and he’s about to be caught. It has to be stressful. Throughout his half-century career in business, he was able to commit crimes and defraud people in the regular course of business, but he was always able to buy them off before, so as to escape detection by law enforcement. He obviously believed he could work in the public sector and use those same skills to get away with the same shit as always, and now that he realizes he can’t, it must be making him crazy.

This is one reason I have always said, electing a “businessman” to run the country as if he was a CEO is a recipe for disaster. The president of the United States is not a CEO, by any stretch of the imagination. In a private company, the CEO can make the rules and execute them. The President of the United States can’t make laws; all he can do is execute the laws as written and passed by Congress. For a control freak like Trump, that has to be stressful as hell.

It’s clear he’s in way over his head. He doesn’t understand the job at all; again, he thinks he’s the “Boss of America” and he acts like a CEO. He cancels trade agreements without having a replacement in place for any of them. He keeps sounding stupid on trade deficits, showing that he thinks they represent an economic loss, which they don’t. He implemented tariffs on certain imports and triggered a trade war, and yet, his statements indicate he thinks the tariffs will help him balance the budget. That’s odd, since tariffs are taxes and he just signed a huge tax cut bill that he thinks will propel the economy to four percent growth for the foreseeable future. He seems to have no economic sense, which makes sense, given his horrible record as a businessman. You see, Donald Trump has been good at one thing his entire adult life; selling the Trump name to other businessmen, who seem to be stupid enough to think stamping the Trump name on buildings is what sells the condos inside. That’s it. He has gone into bankruptcy six times, and there is no telling how many other businesses he has pushed into bankruptcy, given his tendency to not pay contractors. That is why it probably seems extremely stressful for Trump to be accountable, at least on paper, for every dollar he spends.

I say “on paper” because the reality is, he’s not being held accountable because the only body who can hold him accountable is Congress and the Republican majority refuses to hold him accountable for everything. However, he knows there’s a likelihood that Congress will be in Democrats’ hands beginning next January, and he’s probably pretty sure they’ll hold him accountable.

And God, there is a lot to hold him accountable for. He is using the federal Treasury as his own personal piggy bank, and pocketing a good portion of the money himself. You see, unlike every other businessman who entered politics before him, Trump neither put his personal corporation into a blind trust nor did he divest himself off his interest in it. Virtually every weekend, he leaves the White House with a large entourage and stays at one of his properties. That means everyone who goes with him gets a room and meals, all on the public’s dime, and that money goes straight into the coffers of the Trump Organization.

Likewise, his two oldest children and his son-in-law all work on the White House and use taxpayer money to go on junkets for the family business, making deal they hope will be profitable for them, personally, while handing the bill to taxpayers. To his (minimal) credit, Trump did agree to not take a salary while he is “president,” but that salary would have been $400,000, and that would cost us less than a single weekend at a Trump property.

There is also the matter of his acquisition of the Old Post Office building, just a few blocks from the White House. Since he took (and immediately violated) his oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” he has arranged for numerous foreign dignitaries to stay there, alone with a host of others having business in the White House. This is a direct violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution because the company he still actively runs makes money every time someone stays in the Trump Hotel Washington. He is also in the unique position of being his own landlord, since the U.S. government owns the Old Post Office Building and leases it to the Trump Organization.

Then, there is the more recent nonsense, in which Trump keeps getting huge loans from foreign countries and then openly courts favor from them. No one has explained the $600 million loan Trump was able to secure from Deutsche Bank just before he decided to run for “president,” when banks in the United States would not lend to his company. No one has been able to explain the $285 million the Kushner Company received just weeks before the 2016 election, from the same bank; a bank that has been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for looking the other way while Russian oligarchs laundering money through them.

And what about the more recent loan the Trump Organization received through China. It was a $500 million loan to help them build a resort in Indonesia. While his company was negotiating this loan, Trump publicly promised to help the Chinese create more jobs and lamented the loss of jobs at ZTE, a cell phone company that was sanctioned by the United States because its phones could easily be hacked and used to spy on Americans.

This column only scratches the surface of the potential problems Trump is facing. He is easily the most corrupt public official in the history of the United States, which is no mean feat. He is obviously incompetent to perform his duties, even if he understood what they were, and he really doesn’t understand his job. He has to be highly stressed because of that, plus he morbidly obese and he eats nothing but fast food junk at every meal. Right now, it looks like Donny is facing the race of his life; either Robert Mueller or his arteries are about to catch up with him.

There is a way out, of course. He can resign. He can end it all right now and go back to his business life, where he can apparently lie and cheat and get away with it, just as he always has. If he doesn’t choose that way out, he can expect to either be humiliated under the direct scrutiny of the public and see his name dragged through the mud for posterity. If he resigns now, he can possibly hide everything he has ever done, he can pay back the Treasury and he can clear his name, at least in the eyes of the public. Or, his arteries will explode, he will die quickly and painlessly, and others will be able to sift through the remains of his legacy and tell whatever story they would like to tell and, again, turn his name to shit forever and ever. His children and grandchildren are in for a world of hurt if Lord Donny doesn’t just resign now.

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Why Trump Should Resign Now — 4 Comments

  1. From the article:
    His children and grandchildren are in for a world of hurt if Lord Donny doesn’t just resign now.

    Whether he resigns or not, it’s likely the name “Trump” is trashed for years to come.
    With any luck, anyway.

  2. One small nitpick: it’s Chinese company ZTE, not Taiwanese company HTC, that was sanctioned. HTC doesn’t need sanctions to go out of business; it’s doing a good job of it all by itself. 🙂