Why Trump Sounds Stupid

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump developed a strategy that he figured would be a winner. He had certain of his “people” listen to right-wing talk radio and report back to him what the callers (not the hosts) to these shit shows were talking about. He figured this was a great way to figure out what his core audience thought about “the issues” and, since Trump has no core beliefs of his own, it wouldn’t interfere with anything.

In a way, it made sense. Keep in mind, at the time, he was “only” running for the Republican nomination. Like everyone else, he probably didn’t think he could win, but he also didn’t want to be one of those “five percent of the primary vote” embarrassments, either. As with everything else in his life, Trump wanted to use his candidacy as a calling card, to make extra money in his business. It would sound great to refer to himself as “former presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

And, of course, as we now know all too well, he was also a Russian intelligence asset, so he had to inform them of what the “average American” thought about the issues, so they could cheat properly on his behalf.

Anyway, it was early in the campaign when Trump decided to adopt positions on issues that fully mimicked the Republican “base.” As of now, Republicans have to primary constituencies; rich white people, who expect Republicans to cut their taxes, and poor working-class racist white people, who are pissed because they can’t find a job, and are stupid enough to blame brown people for their plight, rather than the rich white men who actually took their job and sent them off to Asia. And the callers to right-wing talk radio reflect the worst of the worst of the Republican “base.”

That’s where Trump gets his bullshit from. It’s why he sounds so incredibly stupid most of the time. He is still playing to the same audience he has always relied on. He’s not the “president” of the entire country; he’s only the “president” of the Republican base. He’s continuing to play to the dumbest people in this country because he has no core principles and he has adopted theirs. That’s why he enjoys so much support from these bozos, even though his actions are essentially screwing them royally.

Like Bernie Stans, the far right Republican “base” doesn’t care what any politician actually does, as long as that politician says what they want to hear.

Last night, he posted the following Tweet:


Now, to those of us who actually think as a function of our daily lives, this was an enormously stupid Tweet. However, to the types of people who call right-wing talk radio shows, it pushes all the right buttons. He rags on “California,” whom these idiots dismiss as an irrelevant liberal hellscape, even though it is the sixth largest economy in the world and is in far better shape than any red state one could name. It takes a swipe at environmental laws, which most extreme right-wingers believe to be a violation of their rights, somehow. And the whole Tweet sends a signal to the Republican “base” that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by “environmentalists.” Apparently, environmentalists are preventing “tree clearing” if we’re to stop the fires from being so severe. As is the case with everything else right-wingers believe, there are only two choices; we either let trees grow or we clear-cut them all.

Yes, I know it makes no sense, but consider who we’re talking about. There is a reason Hillary Clinton was absolutely right to call them “deplorable.” They’re disgusting human beings. They’re not acting based on “economic anxiety,” they’re racist as hell. They are not only uneducated themselves, they look down on people who bother to get an education and know what they’re talking about.

Now, I have no problem with ignorant people. Everyone is ignorant about something. But most of us who are ignorant about something do our best to improve ourselves and become less ignorant. I have no use for anyone who wallows in ignorance and even less for those who are proud of their ignorance. That is why his Tweet about LeBron James over the weekend was so troubling.

Again, he’s playing to a specific audience, and that audience is buying everything he’s selling. Mostly, what he’s selling is racism and xenophobia. Referring to Black people as “stupid” isn’t even a “dog whistle to the Republican base, it’s a greeting card. Whether you like basketball or not, no one can argue with the fact that LeBron James has a more admirable record of doing things for people than Trump has shown on his best day. He is not only sending a racist message to his most loyal followers, but he truly envies what LeBron James has done with his life and, like his Deplorables, he feels a need to denigrate those who are better than he.

The people who listen to right wing talk radio religiously enough to become regular callers to those hatefests represent the worst people in the country. They aren’t “economically anxious,” they are unemployable. Note the difference. And they are guiding the current “president.” Everything he says and does reflects their nonsense. They continue to live in the 1980s, when St. Reagan encouraged the movement of American jobs to Asia, and they want Donny to stick it to these countries who stole their jobs 40 years ago. They still believe immigrants from below our southern border are “taking their jobs,” which is why they enjoy the pointless histrionics on the border and why they are convinced a huge wall will keep people out. They think climate change is a hoax, so they love the elimination of environmental rules that is going on. And they hate People of Color. They want to think of this country as a “white country and they appreciate every attempt to make it so. They’re phony “patriots,” which is why they love it when Donny slams black football players for protesting during the National Anthem, even though we all know they don’t stand for the anthem when they watch on TV…

Donald Trump says everything he says and does everything he does to curry favor with the worst elements of American society because he thinks they “won” him the election.

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