Why Trump Waited So Long and Still Blew It

All weekend, Lord Donny barely Tweeted. He claimed to be in meetings all day, but we all know he was probably playing golf. We know this because he doesn’t attend many meetings and when it rains enough to wash out a golf game, he takes to Twitter to insult people, mostly anyone who doesn’t love and adore him. For example, this morning, two days after the repugnant white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia for a day of “white pride,” he started his day by insulting the Black CEO of phamaceutical giant Merck, when that man decided he couldn’t handle Trump’s inability to call out racism. This is what he Tweeted:

That came after TWO SOLID DAYS in which Trump, who normally can’t shut up about anything that matters to him, was strangely silent on the fact that three people were dead and dozens injured because the white supremacists who descended on Charlottesville couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Finally, just as I sat down to write this piece, he made some unscheduled remarks addressing racism and the white supremacist movement.

“Racism is evil – and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and other hate groups are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans. We are a nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. We are equal in the eyes of our Creator. We are equal under the law. And we are equal under the Constitution. Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America.”

Of course, being that it’s Lord Donny, he couldn’t just say that. He actually started off praising himself for the good economic numbers Obama left him with because he very literally cannot talk about anything without talking about himself in glowing terms first. Then he followed with some pablum about “all of us” being subject to the same law and living under the same flag and all of that claptrap. Not that such a thing is actually claptrap, but given his actions since January 20, it’s a load of crap when it comes from him. Lord Donny doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself, very literally. See, the white supremacists have been supporting him and praising him for his support for their “cause,” but then, they’re stupid enough to think white men are somehow oppressed in this country, so they’re not exactly very smart. I mean, a shitload of white “militia members” poured into town carrying military-style guns to “protect” the Nazis who were marching; what serves as better proof of white privilege than that?

For those who need it spelled out for them, just imagine, if you will, of Black Lives Matter came into any city in this country accompanied by hundreds of black men with assault-style weapons. Can you even imagine police staying on the sidelines, as they did for most of the day Saturday? Now, you know what white privilege is; no excuses next time.

One would think Lord Donny was afraid of saying bad things about Nazis or white supremacists or something. He had to be shamed into doing something resembling the right thing. And I say “resembling” because he only grudgingly acknowledged what 98% of all Americans believe; white supremacy and Nazism is no longer okay. Do people have the right to BE those deplorable things? of course they do. And the rest of society has the right to shun them for it, too. We have the right to confront them on it (non-violently, of course) and we have the right to boycott the businesses that choose to hire them. That’s how free speech works. This country has never actually lived up to the ideals it was founded upon, but we were getting closer, back when the Republican Party was kept on the sidelines and the Democratic Party finally shed itself of its racist wing. The Republican Party happily invited the racists in and they took over that party and turned it into the reprehensible group it is today. They actively work against everything the United States stands for and they despise the Constitution and its limitations. Well, all except the Second Amendment, which they worship alongside their cartoon version of God – you know, the God who only cares about straight white men, even as he claims he loves everyone?

The election of Lord Donny may seem like an outlier, but it was an inevitable consequence of allowing  major political party be taken over by the worst elements of our society and allowing them to have so much power. I mean, the last decent Republican president was Eisenhower, and he largely ignored his party to get things done. And since 1964, when Democrats aligned with liberal Republicans to pass civil rights legislation, they have only gotten worse. Not only are their economic policies unchanged from the time they started the Great Depression, but they have always been keen on taking away the social safety net from everyone. Their ideology is stupid and irrational and sincerely cruel. Worse, we are the richest nation in the world, and during their time in power, they have managed to squander most of that advantage with Republicans in charge. Enter Donny Trump.

(And for you Trump fans who might happen upon this, I do not use his “title” along with his last name on purpose. I am offering as much respect to him as he has for the office of president. When he respects the office, I will respond in kind.)

Donald Trump has never cared about anything but himself. That is obvious when you look at his life. He’s an entitled, pampered pussy of a man, with absolutely no scruples and certainly no principles. Everything he has ever done in his life was to make or protect his money. His attitude is basically, “Screw everyone but me.” There is a reason he sounds as he does. When you listen to him, he sounds like the assholes who listen to Rush Limbaugh religiously and believe everything he says because he has no core principles nor a core morality. When he decided to run for president in the Republican Party, he had to say things that coincided with what “Republicans” believe. So, he and his campaign people started going to the wellspring of right wing talk radio. And they didn’t write down what the hosts said, but what the callers said. If you are wondering why Trump says the shit he does, the answer is simple. He is saying what he things “Republicans” want to hear. His views on Mexican “rapists”? Straight out of right wing talk radio. His Muslim bans? Same. His imaginings of “a big beautiful wall” to keep out Mexican drug dealers, who are apparently tossing 60-pound bags of drugs over the border wall and hitting Border Patrol agents with them? They come straight from the fantasies of listeners to Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage and Alex Jones. Everything that came out of his campaign was cribbed from the callers into right wing talk radio. It’s why so much of his support comes from white supremacists. Even though everything about the Republican Party in the last 50 years has essentially been about courting white voters, including racists, white supremacists and Nazis think the GOP hasn’t gone far enough in the past. That is why they glommed onto Trump so strongly. Finally, someone who was going farther than anyone had gone before.

And let’s be real; all Lord Donny requires from anyone is loyalty to him. Not the country, but HIM. It is the only thing Lord Donny understands or cares about. He needs for everyone around him to praise him constantly and tell him how wonderful he is. In fact, if you are to share his space or his air in any way, you must kowtow to him. You remember that first Cabinet meeting a few months back, when he went around the room and asked everyone to tell him what he wanted to hear and they all chimed in about how wonderful he is. That was easily the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen from a president and I remember the video of President Bush 41 puking on the Japanese Prime Minister. To this day, after more than 200 days of occupying the White House, Lord Donny Trump has no concept that his job is as the highest profile public servant in the country. His vision of himself is as the “Boss of America” and the rest of us – all us “little people” – are supposed to fawn over him and do everything he demands.

And that’s the problem. He had to “win” at least the Republican nomination last year, and he chose to say whatever he thought might get him there. The problem is, most of his “base” – and indeed about half the Republican “base” – is deplorable in the extreme. Lord Donny is a coward with no actual principles of his own. he has no morality except that which he thinks will make him money. He is 100% ego, which means he has a need for everyone around him to kiss his ample ass. His rhetoric is straight out of right wing talk radio, and what he said today will have their tongues wagging for a while. They will see that milquetoast statement above as a “betrayal” and he will probably lose some support. And that will make him fret.

This asshole has to go. We have to keep the pressure on and make everything so difficult for him that he has to resign. Don’t follow him on Twitter, but do what I do and respond to him when he Tweets something stupid. I doubt that he reads all of them, but he might and it will bother the shit out of him over time. I’m not worried about our democracy. We still have the means to make sure he and the GOP lose in the long run, but we have to make it a progressive mandate that we get rid of the whole GOP, too. If you are a progressive and you spend all your time whining about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other “imperfect” Democrats, you don’t get the gravity of the problems we face. Put it this way; we didn’t think they could do worse than Bush, Jr., yet they have. Do we have to wait for them to do worse than Trump to get your attention?

The entire Republican Party needs to reconstitute itself into something resembling a group of people who believe in the ideals that make this country special. However, they will not change until they are forced to. The GOP has to lose, and lose everywhere. And we have to make sure everyone knows that another Donald Trump can never again be in a position of power in government. It’s time to demand the best and the brightest in government once again.

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