Why You have to vote against the GOP

Do you realize what quaifies as the most ironic statement made this entire election season?

“Hillary has done nothing in 30 years.”

Forget Trump for a moment. We all know he has done nothing for anyone but himself in the last 30 years. If we’re to believe what he says, he has probably not even paid taxes, which means he won’t be paying for that wall he wants to build and he won’t be paying any of those troops he plans to use as fodder for his many military missions to show the rest of the world what a big bad adult toddler he is.

Let’s apply that to the entire Republican Party, shall we? And let’s go back to the aftermath of the 1980 election, where the whole Republican neocon era began. What the hell has the GOP done in 36 years? I could go on and on about the last 36 years, of course. In that time, Repubicans have thrown us into the two worst recessions in the post-war era and about 90% of the current national debt can be lain at their feet. All three Republican presidents in the neocon era have exploded deficits and two of them left messes for the Democratic presidents who followed to clean up. Also, while Republicans are trying to make hay by claiming that the country is basically a shithole, how’d it get that way? It would be difficult to blame it on Democrats, since they’ve hardly had control of the government during the neocon era.

Yeah, I could rehash all of that, but let’s just talk about the current Republican Party for a moment, since they’re the ones asking you to vote for them. Aren’t there supposed to be standards of some kind? What have they done to earn your vote? I mean, they took over Congress because they objected to the Affordable Care Act, but all they’ve done is hold 70+ votes that they knew would fail. They have had six years to suggest a market-based alternative, but they have proposed nothing. How is that a good thing? Holding so many votes to repeal; wouldn’t votes to modify it and strip out things people don’t like about it at least be something constructive that Republicans could point to with pride? Republicans complain mightily about the increased premiums and they claim it’s too expensive for many people, but they have passed nothing that would actually address that. They haven’t proposed a law to increase competition or to open interstate insurance competition. They vote to repeal and that fails. And they have done so more than 70 times. Is that what you hired them for? The only thing they’ve done for healthcare in 36 years was to create a prescription drug program for Medicare that cost seniors more than it saved them.

Republican voters claim they care about the rights of gun owners, and yet they reject proposals that would strengthen the rights of gun owners by making sure that those who don’t have the right to own a gun have a harder time getting one. A majority of gun owners want universal background checks, because they know that is the best way to preserve their right to bear arms. A majority of gun owners also want people on the terrorist watch list to be prohibited from buying a gun because, again, the best way to make sure there is no pushback on gun rights is to reduce the number of people killed by people who should not have them. Most gun owners are also in favor of gun safety measures like gun safes and trigger locks and the like, and yet, Republicans do nothing to make guns safer, should toddlers get hold of them accidentally. Put simply, while Republicans talk a great game on guns, they do absolutely nothing.

And what about jobs? The current crop of Republicans took over in 2010 and 2014, promising to create millions of jobs. They promised to. Where are they? If you look at their record over three Congresses, you can find them killing bills that would have created millions of jobs, but very few that would create any. The American Jobs Act, which President Obama proposed in 2011 was smothered, even when Democrats in Congress split the bill up into pieces, they killed everything except for one sliver to create jobs for veterans. Good for them, but that sure as hell isn’t enough. Look at how they fought against the highways bills, which would have created millions of jobs, as well. Not only have they killed job creation, but their constant budget cutting has led to losses of around a million public service jobs. That’s people like police, firefighters and teachers. Like we don’t need them right now. Yes, there have been jobs created in the last six years, but there could have been a. Lot more, if not for the constant obstruction on the part of the Republicans in Congress and in the states.

Really, if the purpose of voting is to get the best possible government, what about the current Republican Party is the best at anything? The last productive Congress was the 111th, which was the last one run entirely by Democrats. That Congress passed 157 substantive bills into law, even though the Repubican minority in the Senate blocked 375 bills that were passed through the House. Since then, the 112th and 113th Congresses passed  125 and 124 bills into law, both modern record lows. (Source) If that’s not enough, with Republicans in charge, the House was scheduled to be in session for 111 days for 2016. (Source) That comes to about two days a week, although they were completely off for most of the summer. The Senate was only slightly more productive, with 149 scheduled days this year, which comes to just under 3 days per week. They’re all making more than $1500 for every day they’re on the job, not including the $1.2 million per year they spend on staff. I will say, their net production is a little better than the previous two Congresses, but shouldn’t it be more? They keep telling us what a horrible country we live in, so why haven’t they done more to fix it? President Obama has only vetoed 10 bills since the GOP took over; shouldn’t he be more active than that? Shouldn’t Obama’s veto pen be wearing out? Or, perhaps, the Republican Party is all about talk and no action.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell…

The Republican Party’s main ideology claims that government is incompetent to do much of anything. They believe that so wholeheartedly that they spend all of their time doing as little as possible. Therefore, when they are in charge, and there is a problem, they are ideologically incapable of solving that problem. It would go against their basic philosophy. Therefore, when you complain that the United States is a mess, you should know that Republicans have put us there. The run Congress. They are a majority of governors. They control a majority of state legislatures. It is almost impossible to blame anything on Democrats, since they don’t run most of the government. Plus, the Republican Party is ideologically forbidden from fixing the problems they create because that would prove government actually can work.

When you elect Republicans, government doesn’t work. They prove it every time.

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