Wishing Journalists Would Just Do Their Job

It’s high past time that journalists start doing their jobs, and only their jobs, and do them with an eye n informing the public of the facts.

I listened to about 85-90 percent of the Mueller hearings Wednesday and what I heard was devastating for Donald Trump and his regime, such as it is. And yet, when I perused many news organizations, I found out something completely different. According to a number of news organizations, Democrats essentially blew it by quizzing Mueller because there were n smoking guns and because Mueller apparently wasn’t “entertaining” enough. I heard about how Mueller was old and tired and how Democrats’ questioning revealed no “smoking gun” that would lead to Trump’s impeachment and removal.

Put simply, it’s a good thing I listened to the testimony myself because so much of the news media was not reporting anything I heard, and they were embellishing in favor of the Republicans. Again. It was as if I had watched a movie like “A Star is Born” with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and the reviewers had decided to review the one starring Fredric March and Janet Gaynor. In some cases, bullshit “journalists” like the always inane Chuck Todd were on and on about “optics” and claiming the “optics” for the Mueller hearings were bad for Democrats. Sorry, Chuckie, but that’s not possible. During the two hearings, Mueller did refuse to ask a lot of questions and suggested that many of the most damning accusations abut Trump were outside his “purview,” but he confirmed a lot of things live and in person, including the following:

• That the Trump Campaign was offered (illegal) help for its campaign from Russia;
• That the Trump campaign willingly accepted such (illegal) help;
• That many of the leaders in the Trump campaign held a "secret" meeting in Trump Tower to discuss a strategy for beating Hillary Clinton, which was illegal; 
• That Trump's written answers to investgators' questions were "inadequate;
• That trump ordered Don McGahn to fire Mueller, which is obstruction;
• That Trump was lying when he claimed Mueller was applying to become FBI Director again. Mueller was only meeting with Trump to discuss the job of FBI Director in general. 
• That the investigation of Trump's dealings with Russia had little or nothing to do with the Steele dossier;
• That the only reason Mueller chose not to indict trump was because of the OLC guidance saying that a president is not subject to indictment; 
• That Trump committed obstruction with a number of his actions;
• That Trump may have been compromised by his dealings to build the Trump Tower Moscow.

That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In both hearings, Democrats asked good questions designed to elicit confirmation of some of the key details in the Mueller Report and that’s exactly what Mueller did. There were no “optics” necessary, just a confirmation that Trump is dirty and colluded with Russia, and that he and his minions tried hard to cover it all up and to stop any investigation of their actions. The Mueller hearings did that, too.

I don’t consider myself to be a journalist because I just don’t have the means to do it right. However, I trained as a journalist a long time ago, when I was in high school and I know the basic tenets of journalism mean you just report the facts as they are. Whether they are sufficient to serve a specific purpose is irrelevant to the real reporter. I think all journalists need to stick to that more often. Your jb is to inform us more and interpret less. Try that, and you’ll be better at your job, Journalists.

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