Yes We CAN! and We Have to!

Latte liberalOver the weekend, I was catching up on last week’s Stephanie Miller Show and I heard a “Bernie or Bust” type caller advise everyone that he will never vote for Hillary. I suspect he was a troll caller, since he said he was an Afghanistan veteran with teenage sons and that he was equally worried about the prospect of his sons going to war whether Hillary or a Republican won, which makes no sense. If Hillary Clinton wins, there is about a five percent chance of war, whereas any Republican represents at least a 95 percent chance. All these people talk about is “carpet bombing” and Drumpf seriously entertains the notion of “strategic” nukes, as if you can pinpoint the damage of a nuclear bomb strike. All they ever talk about is war and the military and they have convinced their voters that our military is somehow decimated. The notion that Hillary is anything like any Republican is nothing short of delusional.

But that’s not what I want to talk about here. This idiot also rationalized his Hillary non-vote by claiming that he lives in Missouri and there is no way Missouri will ever vote for a Democrat. And the only response to that is, WTF?

It’s hard to count the number of ways that argument is flat stupid, but let’s get the easy ones out of thwe way first, like, if Missouri isn’t going to vote for Hillary because she’s too far left, they sure as shit won’t vote for Bernie. Like the fact that Missouri is, at worst, a purple state that elects a mix. Romney and McCain both won Missouri, but it was not a blowout. Also, Bill Clinton won the state in 1992 and 1996 and in 2000, Missouri was one of those states where Nader swung the election to Bush, who only won by about a single percentage point. In other words, the state is very winnable by Democrats, even under relatively normal circumstances, with relatively sane people running as a Republican.

eeyore6However, I want to know where the notion came from, that Democrats can only win “certain states” and that there are states in which so-called “progressives” shouldn’t even try? When did we become so completely defeatist? At the same time these so-called “progressives” whine and cry about Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in part because she hasn’t adopted the Howard Dean “50-state strategy,” they also declare at least a dozen or so states “unwinnable” and they use that as an excuse to essentially vote for a Republican. And let.’s be clear; if you don’t vote for the Democrat, you’re essentially voting for the GOP.

This is the key for everyone to remember. In 2016, Unless something unforeseen happens at their convention, Republicans will be running the most beatable candidate in their history; someone who will make Barry Goldwater look like a dream. For the first time in many years, their turnout is likely to be on the low side and a record number of Republicans will want to show their disgust with their own party by voting for Hillary Clinton. This is our chance to stick it to them and stick it to them bad. It’s not about your ego, it’s about the Supreme Court and it’s about winning down-ticket races for Congress and state legislatures.

We can actually win every state this year. More importantly, we should always be trying to do that, anyway. It should always be our goal. Winning is necessary if you want to change the country; losers don’t make policy. We can win back Congress, we can win back a bunch of state houses and we can change the composition of the Supreme Court for generations. WE just have to try, and stop falling for that bullshit Eeyore “conventional wisdom,” which isn’t helpful and not particularly wise.

And YES WE CAN! Obama didn’t just say this, he’s lived it, despite progressives’ best efforts. And to be progressive, we have to live it, always.

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