Yes We Can, Goddamn It!

Let’s reiterate something…

I am a PROGRESSIVE. I am a LIBERAL. I am very far to the left of the average person. I always have been.

Proud LiberalKnow what else I am? I am an idealist. I believe we can do anything we want, if we really put our minds to it. Of course, I am also a realist; I look at the democratic system and the history of this country and I realize that we never get anything we really want in one try. The population always pulls us to the center. That’s neither bad nor good, it’s just the way things are.

So, imagine my confusion, shock and disgust when I see Bernie Sanders’ staunchest supporters, who have spent the entire election season pushing idealistic notions of unicorns and rainbows and people getting free stuff, going off on Hillary Clinton’s primary wins because she (and this is an exact quote from several of them) “only won states that Democrats won’t win in November.”


So, for a goddamn YEAR, you’ve been telling us how, with Bernie as President, we will all be able to go to college for free and we’ll have a single-payer health care system. We will fix all the problems in the Middle East without having to send troops anywhere. We will banish all money from the political system and restore the entire judiciary to a liberal utopia. We will open the border with Mexico, cancel NAFTA and kill the TPP. Does that sound like what you’ve been telling us all year? It sure sounded like it to me. Perhaps I was mistaken.

Latte liberalIn other words, if Bernie says it, you believe with all of your might that it will happen. But if it’s a net positive for Hillary, it’s bad for Democrats? The same goddamn people who are telling us Bernie is going to do all of these magical, wonderful things, are telling us that NO DEMOCRAT could possibly win a red state in the South? And I’ll bet almost all of you call yourself progressive, and think you’re doing so without irony. Really? And you base that on what you describe as the “fact” that those states are all “racist” and will never vote for a Democrat, no matter what. How “progressive” is that bullshit?

Moreover, what do you base this declaration that certain states will apparently never vote for a Democrat on, exactly? Earlier today, someone actually said that pretty much all “Southern” states will vote for the “racist” candidate, which means they will never vote for a Democrat, no matter what.

Sorry, but that’s not a progressive attitude. It’s also not realistic, either.

See, here’s the thing, progressives; Hillary won all of those states on Super Tuesday because – and this is VERY importantSHE WON THE MINORITY VOTE.

tolerant-liberalWhy do white progressives not get this? Most of the black people in this country live in the South. And they make up a large proportion of the Democratic base. In fact, they and Latinos are the Democratic base these days. The reason Democrats lose is simple; this segment of white liberals leave red state progressives of all shades out to dry. They write off their states as if they don’t count. They target Democrats like Blue Dogs for their “impurity,” without even considering the fact that, in many red states and districts, the odds of getting a full-fledged hardcore liberal into office from those places is very difficult. Instead of working their asses off to elect the best Democrat possible, we write off large segments of the population as unimportant and say stupid shit like, “We can never win the South,” as if it’s a fact.

It’s not a fact. Of course Democrats can win the South. I mean, for Chrissakes, people, before she was First Lady of the United States, she was the First Lady of…


Who was the Governor of Texas before George W. Bush? DEMOCRAT Ann Richards. Montana, of all places, elects a lot of Democrats. Tom Daschle was from South Dakota. Bob Kerrey was from Nebraska. We can win these states, and we have to. Unfortunately, geniuses, it means compromise. It means Blue Dogs. It means accepting the fact that not all Democrats can be as far left as Alan Grayson or Elizabeth Warren. But with support, Democrats can win any state in this country. The reason they lose is largely because of the asinine “progressive” quest for perfection.

Here’s a question; for three election cycles, you idiots targeted Blue Dog Democrats. Every single one of them, AND a few non-Blue Dogs, were replaced by Tea Party Republicans.

Is that what you call progress?

Obama unicorn“Yes, we can.”

We can do all of those things you want Bernie to be able to do. But we sure as shit can’t do it if we keep writing off states that are certainly winnable. We need 320 Democratic House seats, 70 Senate seats and we have to stop depending on the same 7-8 purple states every presidential election. We have to turn red states blue. And stop saying it can’t be done, especially if you’re telling us all of the shit Bernie wants to do is possible. It can be done, but it takes all progressives to stop writing off people of color because they live in a state with a lot of racist white people. Instead of writing them off, we need to SAVE THEM.

Grow up.

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