Yes We Can, Pro Lefties – and We Have To

As you have probably figured out, I am tired of lefty “political junkies” telling me what we can’t do because “the GOP won’t ever go along” or “voters didn’t do X before, so there’s no reason to expect them to do it now.” You know, silly shit like that.

I know many of you, especially those on the professional left, think you’re more intuitive than everyone else, but for crap’s sake, how many more things have to happen before you get that the game has changed? For example, please stop telling me Republicans will never impeach Trump. Not only will they, but I predict they will do it with gusto. For the first time in a very long time, Republicans are technically completely in charge. It’s really the first time since the mid-1950s and the first time since the party went batshit crazy. it may never happen again, and they know it. In fact, if you geniuses on the unicorn and professional left would get your shit together, we can make it so they never have control again. Ever. There are more reasonable people out there than there are Republican faithful, and this is a democratic system. Self-described Republicans make up about 25% of the electorate. Do the math.

At their heart, even though Republicans are assholes without souls, they’re also politicians who need to win. And they will attach themselves to a winner and jettison a loser in a heartbeat in order to get what they want. If you think Republicans in Congress won’t impeach Donny, you’re not paying attention. Did you see Paul Ryan today? He defended Lord Donny’s Muslim Ban, but he was not happy about it. He was caught on a hot microphone immediately calling it a “waste of my fucking time.” (Source) This is not someone who seems likely to give Donny a whole lot of rope. Have you been reading the stories about the Affordable Care Act? For six years, they have been passing repeal after repeal in the House, only to have the Senate kill it. Finally, last session, they passed one that went all the way to Obama’s desk for a veto, just so they could tell their deplorables that they tried. Now, they’re in a position to pass one, and they literally cannot. They just discovered that they will have to replace it. They have figured out that they can’t just leave everyone in limbo.

Back when they took over in early January, the new Republican House passed a budget resolution, in which they set a deadline for repeal of the ACA. That deadline was January 27, 2017. That deadline passed and nothing. Also, those “fiscally conservative” Republicans, who railed against President Obama for overseeing huge increase in the National Debt, are planning to increase federal spending by 50% in the next 10 years. They also plan to double the deficit and add $10 trillion to the National Debt. Here’s the Resolution. (Source) But note that they did it in stealth and they haven’t talked about it at all. Why? Because they’re politicians. And when the people tell their politicians to do something, even if those politicians are Republicans, they’d better damn well do it.

If we put the pressure on the Republicans in Congress, of course, we can get them to impeach Donny. And they will have access to enough dirt on the man in time, that they can pass Articles of Impeachment and then show them what they have and get Donny to give up. Will Drumpf pitch a fit? Sure he will. He may even tell them to fuck off. But in the end, there is nothing that scares a narcissist more than being found out. If they pass articles of impeachment, which only need a majority to pass, then the Senate can demand anything and everything they want and Donny will have to give it to them or they can add more articles.

In fact, keep an eye on some of these lawsuits he’s a party to. In discovery, they can be extremely broad with their requests. And we know something will leak; it always does. Again, there is nothing he hates more than people knowing his secrets.

And one more thing. The Eeyores are out in force, claiming that Democrats will have an uphill battle in 2018. My question is, WHY? They need to gain 26 seats to gain a House majority. In 2006, Democrats gained 31 seats, mostly on the strength of Bush’s failure in Louisiana. Bush’s approvals were dropping in 2006, but they were still at 50%; it’s unlikely Donny will ever see 50% and, if he’s impeached, Pence will be just the second President in history to never have won a single vote for president, and it’s unlikely his approvals will top 50%. And Democrats only need three seats in the Senate. yes, I know… there are only eight Republican seats up for reelection then, but if we do our job right, we can take all of them. It just takes positivity and encouraging people to vote.

We have a great chance to change our fortunes, but it will take all of us supporting the Democratic Party and making sure every voter in the country knows that Trump is the natural result of Republican politics and that it’s their collective ideology that is killing us, pretty much literally. Instead of the ridiculous nonsense that “both parties are the same” and the constant trashing of Democrats with out-of-context factoids and outright lies (Yes, professional lefties lie, too…), we need to support and promote Democrats and encourage people to vote for a change.

We not only CAN do this, we have to.


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