Trump Should Stop Pretending and Just Nominate Stephen Miller as DHS Head

Look; it’s perfectly obvious that Donald Trump is only “president” to the people who voted for him and still support him, regardless. He has pretty much been stuck at about 38 percent approval for more than two years. There have been a few times when his approval has reached 40 percent, but those times have been few and far between and they don’t last. What would be more troubling, if Donny gave a shit about winning a second term, is that nearly 60 percent of Americans in most polls pretty much refuse to vote for him in 2020.

His “base” is shrinking and he shows no sign of wanting to expand his appeal beyond that GOP “base.” This means one of two things; he either has no intention of winning again, which makes sense, since many reports claim he was somewhat dismayed over winning the first time. Reports have him telling nearly anyone who will listen that he’s lost a lot of money and watched a lot of deals fall by the wayside during his time as “president,” so it would actually surprise me more if he said he would willingly spend another four years in Washington than if he said he wanted to go back to New York and run his companies.

I also think there is a better-than-even chance that Lord Donny will resign before the end of his first term, primarily because he’s a coward and will not want to face whatever the Mueller Report or the Democratic House has in store for him. Also, he won’t willingly face whatever wrath the impending release of his tax returns will bring. There is, after all, a reason why he seems scared to death of their release. Why? Hell if I know, but it must be something that will blow a major hole in his image. He actually seems more adamant (and buggy) about the tax returns than he was while Mueller was doing his work. And he’s still really buggy about that. He’s still yelling “no collusion” from the rooftops and from his Twitter feed, but he’s more strident about the tax returns.

If we, the people of the United States want him gone; if we really want to rid of ourselves of the whole “Trump in Government” pox, we have to demand something from him. And it may seem to be something very antithetical to what we believe, but stay with me here.

I think Donald Trump needs to stop the charade and just nominate Steven Miller as his Secretary of Homeland Security.

Let’s not beat around the bush here (pardon the expression). Trump is a serious white nationalist and his inner circle has included a number of racists, including white supremacists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis, since he became a politician about four years ago. Racism is the hill he decided to die on; he must stop pretending he isn’t one. Ever since he said both sides in Charlottesville were “good people,” when one of those sides were Nazis, he made it impossible for Donald Trump to deny racism.

Of course, even if he hadn’t done that, his “zero tolerance” approach to border security reveals that he thinks all the brown people south of us are somehow lesser. Therefore, Trump and his party should drop all pretense of being mainstream. They have already given up on most Americans, and they have given up on even basic morality, so why do Trump and the GOP keep pretending to represent anyone other than the reprobates who continue to support Trump and the party he glommed onto because he felt they were stupid enough to nominate him and support him even pretend to care about the entire country.

Lose the pretense, Donny.

You are a proud racist and most of your support comes from racists and white supremacists. Stop pretending; appoint Steven Miller your Secretary of Homeland Security; make him go through the Senate confirmation process. We, the people, will find everything we know about Miller to be verified, and you can stop pretending you’re mainstream. Be who you are, you racist asshole.

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  1. People south of the border are so much more that people from the north are rushing to get in before the border is sealed.