We Are the Ones…

Your support of Robert Mueller and his conduct of the most potentially consequential investigation in the history of the United States is admirable. Thank you for that. However, don’t take it too far. The only thing that will come of Mueller’s investigation, in the end, will be a report on what he’s found. He may try to indict Donald Trump for conspiracy and obstruction, but the reality is, even if he does so, that won’t necessarily get him out of office.

Yes, that’s right, I said it. Even if Lord Donny is indicted for a crime or even several crimes, that doesn’t automatically remove him from office. There is only one way to get rid of a president, based on the Constitution, and that is through impeachment. And that requires us to have a functioning Congress, capable of taking action against a president who openly flouts the law. Unfortunately, we do not have that right now. Our current Congress seems incapable of standing up to the current monster occupying (in every sense of the word) the White House and sullying the Oval Office with his political bullshit. 

Think about it; How many times per week do we see him do something that sullies the office of the president, and how many times has Congress taken action to stop him. Oh, sure; a few who are about to retire sometimes say something, but it’s always unofficial and it’s never backed up by action. In just the last few days, Trump has threatened to shut down the government if they don’t fund a border wall, and both Republican “leaders” in Congress have assured us that won’t happen, but really… if they stop him, it will be the first time.  

Consider, they have yet to say or do anything official in response to his jailing of small children. Even though Trump’s trade war has led companies to close, a lot of their constituents have been hurt, and the very idea of tariffs goes against the Republican “free trade” mantra, the Republican Congress has yet to do anything about it, despite the fact that Congress is the only body capable of addressing the problem.  And he has been a walking violation of the Emoluments Clause since the day he took the oath. Yet,. the Republican Congress, supposedly populated with people who care deeply about taxpayer money, have idly stood by as he refused to divest himself of his business, as required by law, as he and his spawn conduct Trump Organization business on the public dime, as he and his business have been taking loans from foreign governments, and as he has been vacationing weekly and in the process directing taxpayer money into the Trump Organization coffers, which means directly into his pockets. 

Now, if Republicans in Congress don’t have the stones to even address the jailing of small children and the potential for serious economic damage, what makes anyone think a Mueller indictment for obstruction will suddenly change them and make them suddenly think about impeachment in any serious way? 

The answer is, of course, they won’t. The current makeup of the Republican Party will never go after one of their own.  And while it would seem to make sense that a “president” under indictment might “force” Republicans to do the right thing, there is no evidence to support that. No matter what happens, about three-quarters of the current GOP will kiss Donny’s ample ass because they are scared to death of losing the only base they have left, besides billionaires; uneducated white working-class morons. (And no; Bernie Stans, I do NOT want “the Democrats” to find out what makes them tick and appeal to them. Fuck ’em.)

That is the key to all this, you know. The Republican Party’s “base” is shrinking, and has been for a half-century. Their entire base is “angry white people.” And since white people in this society have nothing to be angry about, we can assume they’re irrational as hell. But because the GOP has alienated every other demographic in this country, it’s all they have left. Which means we on the progressive/reasonable side have all the tools we need to defeat them. We have the numbers. 

That really is all we need. And it’s how we get rid of this menace. We simply have to get as many of the reasonable people – meaning the other 75 percent of the population – to show up as is humanly possible. You don’t even have to ensure that they vote Democratic because most people who will show up will vote that way. There are a few facts you should know;

  • Republicans generally show up to vote at a 90 percent turnout rate. However, since they make up less than a quarter of the electorate, that means 55-60 percent turnout will doom them.
  • Republicans have never won when their party turnout was below 80 percent.
  • Democrats always win when turnout is above 55 percent. 

Put simply, the key to everything is turnout. If we show up to vote and we bring others with us, we will win. As former President Barack Obama put it the first time he ran, “WE are the ones WE have been waiting for.” We have to encourage people to show up to vote and we have to transform Congress into one that is functional and can do something about this. That means Democrats. Democrats will stop his agenda and they will oppose him on 

One more note… this election won’t fix anything. Democrats can and should take a large majority in the House, but there are only eight Republican Senate seats up for election this year, as opposed to 24 Democrats. Since Willard Romney is a shoo-in in Utah, that means, the most Democrats can gain is seven seats, and the most likely gain is 2-3, although 4-5 should be seen as a phenomenal victory. Given that reality, it’s necessary to recognize that the job won’t be over. We progressives have to be strongly pro-Democrat this year, and every year going forward until we have essentially vanquished the current Republican Party and forced them to regroup. If we have to be a one-party system for a decade or so, so be it. Right now, the Republican Party is diseased and fetid and needs to be excised from the body politic. 

However, make no mistake. WE have to put everything in place to get rid of Trump and everything he stands for. Robert Mueller is not a wizard, he has no magic wand and he cannot do anything that is not allowed under the Constitution. he can possibly indict Donny, but only Congress can get rid of him. That means WE have to do this. 


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